Known for His Monster Back, 6X Mr. Olympia Shares Why He Trained “Chest” in an Unusual Way

After winning the title of the first Mr. Olympia in 1992, Dorian Yates introduced the world to his matchless muscularity and made England proud. Ever since this commendable victory, he has continued to climb the ladder of success in bodybuilding 

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The mass monster has also been through various injuries; however, his determination for training and workouts has never died out. Even today, he never gets bored with his work and stands out as an internet sensation among his fans. Recently, he’s been doing intense chest workouts to get a better total contraction on the pecs and muscles.

‘Mass Monster’ Intense Check Workout


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This man with an Olympia-worthy physique recently shared a post on his official Instagram account. In the video, he can be seen performing an extraordinary chest workout, with the aim of bringing more contraction in muscles. Along with a video, he mentioned the caption, “Cable flyes were always performed as the last exercise in my chest routine, the perfect exercise to finish off the pecs.” Cable flyers play a vital role in getting more chest contraction. Hence, it is performed by many bodybuilding icons. 

Dorian Yates often performed these chest exercises with his hands meeting underneath his chest, as opposed to in front. He slightly leans forward and has a full range of motion with a big squeeze at the bottom. Performing this finishing chest exercise, he disclosed the reason behind it. He said “I got much better total contraction on the pecs and was fully able to squeeze the muscle”. 

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This  61-year-old muscular man also provides training and health tips to his young fans. Moreover, he suggests that instead of putting in maximum effort all the time, a week of low-intensity workouts without weights will bring more fruitful results. 


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What 6-time Olympia winner would suggest before workout?

According to Dorian Yates, one should be prepared mentally before starting exercises. He believes in going beyond failure because only then you can register a win by growing more muscles and chest. This is one of the amazing techniques that can help you push your limits. It can not only benefit bodybuilders, but is also effective for other athletes. 

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Yates always shares his effective fitness tips and regimes on his YouTube channel. And through his workout videos, people get motivated and strive to attain fitness goals. His tips, It’s not just about lifting weights, It also prepares you to be strong mentally. He motivates others to go beyond their limits to achieve their goals.


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Dorian Yates never compromises with his workout and this mass monster is on his way to bring more contraction on his chest and arms. Does this reigning bodybuilding icon have more fitness dreams to unlock? Let us know what you think.

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