“Kept Running Like Forrest Gump”: 6X Mr. Olympia, Known for His Monstrous Size, Once Shocked Everyone With an Unbelievable Childhood Story

A legendary bodybuilder, 6-time Mr. Olympia winner Dorian Yates, transformed the sport of bodybuilding with unparalleled dedication, carving a legacy that transcends mere muscle and strength. Dorian Yates captivated audiences with an old snippet about his unusual childhood story that is doing the rounds on the internet. The short video was uploaded by the YouTube channel Musclemindmedia. The clip was taken from a Valuetainment interview that took place four years ago.

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As tales from celebrities often do, this one provided a fascinating insight, not into his career but into his formative years. The video, titled ‘Dorian Yates Shares an Unusual Childhood Story!’, starts with Yates reminiscing about a charity run at his school, aiming to raise funds for a new minibus. As students typically do, they went door-to-door seeking sponsors who’d pledge funds for every lap they completed.

Bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates sets a challenge


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At the heart of this tale was a competitive twist. Another student from a family of boxers boasted about his running skills, laying down an implied challenge. Yates recalled the boy’s claim, stating, “He told me he was a great runner.” Not one to back down, young Dorian retorted, “I’m better.”

As the event started, while most kids were content after completing five or six laps, these two were nowhere near done. Their determination was evident, pushing each other with each circuit. As they surpassed 20 laps, the crowd’s anticipation grew, proving this wasn’t an ordinary run.

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In a twist that would foreshadow Yates’ future dedication to bodybuilding, the other boy eventually admitted defeat. But Yates? He continued. “I didn’t feel anything, and I just kept running… like Forrest Gump,” he mused, drawing parallels to the cinematic icon. This intense determination, echoing his later successes, brought him closer to a surprising finish.

The finish line


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What’s even more astounding is that Dorian completed a jaw-dropping 45 laps. By his last lap, the school had emptied, save for one teacher who had to verify the count. She eventually told the young athlete, “You gotta stop now; I gotta go home.”

The story didn’t end on track. Collecting the pledged amounts became a humorous adventure in itself. When Yates approached each sponsor, they met him with disbelief. “45 laps? Is that real?” they exclaimed. With a signed affirmation from his teacher, he affirmed his incredible feat.


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Dorian Yates, renowned for his bodybuilding prowess, surprises all with a childhood tale of sheer determination. This story reaffirms that champions aren’t just made in the spotlight but are forged in the unassuming moments of life.

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