“Kangaroo’s Bicep Bigger Than Lee’s in His Prime”: Bodybuilding Fans Are Tripping Over a Super Jacked Kangaroo That Nearly Attacked Veteran Bodybuilder in Australian Wilderness

Have you ever seen a muscular kangaroo in a cartoon and laughed until your sides hurt? If yes, then you have seen a kangaroo that is very much real. These muscular bodybuilding hunks with natural biceps are found in Australia and are called Jacked Kangaroos.

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What if one of these kangaroos met a Jacked and muscular human, who was a racing and bodybuilding pro, and won many competitions? What would happen if the human muscle beast and the animal muscle beast came face-to-face? Let’s see and find out.

Lee Priest meets his contender from the wild


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Priest who is known to be a famous racer, and an Australian bodybuilding champion, recently uploaded an extremely bizarre video. The video is equal parts funny, and even scary, and even his dog has a cameo in the Instagram reel.

The video starts with his 230 lbs pitbull dog in the lake, and he is not alone. The dog brought a Jacked Australian kangaroo along with him. The kangaroo is both tall and intimidating and even looks straight at the camera that Lee Priest is holding. The IFBB pro is extremely brave because he does not seem to be scared at all, even when the 200-pound kangaroo is meters away from him. 

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Finally, the muscular animal reaches our muscular bodybuilder and lunges at him, but thankfully only gets the camera, which is submerged in the water mercilessly by the Australian animal. The camera again emerges, probably because Priest picked it up. The entire ordeal is extremely funny and scary at the same time and yes, the dog is safe to do not worry! Apart from the bodybuilder, the fans were extremely surprised and shocked at this bizarre video.


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Bodybuilding fans cannot stop their laughter

After seeing the crazy video, the fans did not waste a single time to start commenting on it. One follower hilariously said, “The kangaroo should be called big poppa pump💪,” while another follower came in with a lot of information and commented, “OK so is this a particular species of kangaroo that looks like a college gymnast or wrestler? I’ve seen one on Instagram before. Crazy tough guy ‘Roo! 😂.”

A fan of Priest compared the biceps of the animal and our bodybuilding champion and said, “Kangaroo’s bicep bigger than Lee’s in his prime, ik your Australians are a special breed but I didn’t imply kangaroo.” Another follower also has some information about kangaroos, and they said, “Kangaroos have strong attack power.” Finally, a fan pointed out how much humans and animals love flexing muscles and said, “They are always flexing lol.” 


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The dangerous yet hilarious video caught the attention of the whole bodybuilding world and also showed how brave Lee Priest was, standing up to a muscular kangaroo. Would you have faced a Jacked kangaroo-like this? Tell us in the comments below. 

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