“Just Stay In Their Ivory Tower”: World’s Second-Richest Bodybuilder Reveals the Route He Followed to Create a Million-Dollar Supplement Brand

The world’s second richest bodybuilder has won many trophies with his strong efforts, including the Mr. Universe title when he was just 21, which is younger than the previous record holder, Ferrigno. Over the years, he has become a professional bodybuilder and has achieved a lot. He is also a social media fitness influencer, with 932k followers on Instagram.

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Ever since he retired from bodybuilding, he has been focusing more on his business ventures, including his supplement line. A recent conversation by the bodybuilding legend and three-time Mr. Olympia runner-up, during an appearance on the Straight Outta The Lair Podcast, brings to light why his nutrition brand is different.

Gaspari’ way of connecting with consumers


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Straight Outta The Lair recently posted a video on their Instagram channel featuring Richard Gaspari with the caption “What set Gaspari Nutrition Apart” on Instagram where Richard Gaspari is saying “I saw business owners that weren’t connecting with the consumer. They just stay in their Ivory Tower and send an athlete out and I said, you know what I’m gonna do it differently.”

He believes in talking to people who use his products, saying “I’m gonna go out there and I wanna hear from the consumer. I wanna hear from these people using my product good or bad. I wanted to be able to connect with the consumer and going on the road and listening to people would help me make a better brand.”

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Rich Gaspari, is 59 years old and the second richest person in bodybuilding. He’s had a very interesting life, and now he wants to make a documentary about it for people to watch. Rich Gaspari likes the traditional way of bodybuilding more than the modern way. He was the first winner of the Arnold Classic competition, and he’s known for never giving up, which is why people call him the ‘man who never gives up.’

Chat about Gaspari’s Documentary

Richard Gaspari came to “Straight Outta the Lair” and talked about his amazing life journey that’s going to be in a documentary. He started training when he was just 15 and even challenged Lee Haney. He’s also known for developing his innovative line of called ‘shredded glutes.’


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He is the person who helped mix business with bodybuilding and was the first to be a nutrition expert sat down with the social media entrepreneur, Flex Lewis, to chat about his documentary and his life. What do you think of his approach? Share your views in the comments.

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