Just Like Ronnie Coleman, IFBB Coach Predicts a Similar Future for 330 Lbs Mass Monster Despite Initial Failures: “He Was Not Really Seen Until He Was Seen”

The launch of the Muscle and Fitness YouTube channel’s podcast, “The Menace Podcast,” hosted a riveting discussion about Samson Dauda, an athlete tipped for greatness in the bodybuilding world. Among the panel were IFBB legends Milos Sarcev, Dennis James, and Chris Cormier. They discussed Dauda’s journey, potential, and the intricacies of the bodybuilding scene, drawing parallels with Ronnie Coleman’s trajectory.

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For the uninitiated, Ronnie Coleman, an eight-time Mr. Olympia, wasn’t always in the limelight. There were years when he competed without catching the discerning eyes of the judges. But when they finally “saw” him, he was unstoppable.

Firm belief in the potential of Samson Dauda


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In the podcast, Milos Sarcev emphasized this point, drawing a fascinating comparison between Coleman’s journey and Dauda’s potential. “Just like Ronnie Coleman back in the day, he was on the stage as great as he was, but, he, was not really seen…until he was seen”. Sarcev elaborated further, passionately expressing that even though some might think he’s singling out other competitors or being biased, he believes in Dauda. However, just like Coleman in his initial days, Dauda hadn’t fully captured the spotlight,yet.

Dennis James, another panelist and well-regarded figure in the bodybuilding community, recognized and echoed Sarcev’s sentiments. He understands the emotional investment Sarcev has when training someone and is convinced of Milos’s confidence in Dauda’s potential. Highlighting Sarcev’s dedication, James noted, “I believe wholeheartedly that you believe he’s going to win the Olympia.

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The conversation took an introspective turn, when Sarcev asked Dauda a thoughtful question, he encouraged him to think about his goals and where he sees himself in the future. Sarcev pointed out that this is an achievement that very few have accomplished to get into the top three. James candidly shared his perspective, admitting that even reaching the top four felt like a win to him. But what was on Dauda’s mind?

Evolving goals and ambitions in bodybuilding


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For Dauda, the goals have evolved. Last year, getting into the top 10 was a mission, and the top six felt like a dream. But times change, and ambitions grow. Now, he has set his eyes on the top three, with the ultimate dream of clinching the title.

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When James probed deeper, seeking clarity on whether anything outside of the top three would feel like a setback, Dauda was contemplative. “I wouldn’t say a disappointment, but I think it will be it will be something I’m like, damn okay, you know what? Uh it’s it will feel painful”. He acknowledged that while it wouldn’t necessarily be a disappointment, it would indeed sting.


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Just like people didn’t notice Ronnie Coleman at first, many haven’t seen how talented Samson Dauda really is. But he has a lot of potential. As the IFBB coaching legends see it, Dauda’s rise is arguably inevitable. Like Coleman, the bodybuilding world will soon universally “see” and acclaim Dauda’s talent.

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