“Just Fu**ing Go Up and Down”: Bodybuilding Veteran Gives Savage Reality Check to People Overthinking Squats

In the field of bodybuilding, doing exercises is undoubtedly the most important aspect. To shred body fat and sculpt a magnificent physique, bodybuilders go through a range of fitness regimes. However, a few exercises remain constant no matter what. Squat is one such exercise that bodybuilders approach. It is one of the most practiced routines in every gym. Thus, it also becomes important to know the right way one should do it.

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Lee Priest, the winner of the 2006 IFBB Ironman Pro, is known as “The Giant Killer”. The bodybuilder who turned to acting was cast in movies like “A 60’s Love Story” (2015), “Dumb Criminals: The Movie” (2015), and “Round Trip” (2018). He always gives fitness tips and guidance through his social media and had his say on the squat exercise.

Lee Priest’s guide to a perfect feet position while squatting


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In the latest reel posted by @samsfitnessaust, Lee Priest is featured in a gym. In the video, he was asked about what is the right foot position that one should maintain while performing a squat. Priest stated in the video, “People say, put your feet this wide. Put your feet that wide, sometimes, put your feet together. Toes in, toes out. It doesn’t fu**ing matter. That’s all bullshit. Just fu**ing go up and down”.

Furthermore, Priest has also commented how more often than not, a lot of the bodybuilders overthink more than what they perform. Thus, Lee Priest mentioned, “Do the exercises. You’re overthinking that you shouldn’t be overthinking.”

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Lee Priest, as a fitness influencer, has strong opinions. Through his public videos and clips, a larger audience gets a better and clearer peek into his insights regarding several things.


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Lee Priest’s opinion on triceps

In one of the other videos posted by @samsfitnessaust, Lee Priest minutely discusses the concepts of tricep. He stated, “The tricep has three heads; you don’t know what you are talking about.” Then Priest also explained how although the triceps have several heads, basic motion helps activate the whole. He further added, “But doing this exercise is working the tricep. It’s not like I can just work the long head or the short head by itself. The whole tricep is gonna move, isn’t it?


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When it comes to fitness, knowing the right way of doing the exercises is extremely important. One wrong habit or position might actually ruin one’s physique as well as health in the longer run, accidents being no exceptions in the case. What do you think is the right way of squatting? Let us know in the comments below.

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