Joseph Baena Can’t Stop Laughing at Father Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Unusual Marketing Gimmick for His New Book

It seems like anything that Arnold Schwarzenegger touches turns into gold. After establishing a successful career in the realm of bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s switch to showbiz was a smooth one. But bodybuilding and acting were not the only areas where Schwarzenegger tried his luck. Schwarzenegger is also a businessman, having several businesses and ventures. 

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Over the years, he has also authored several books. The past few weeks have been hectic for Arnold Schwarzenegger as he is promoting his upcoming book ‘Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life.’ There is no denying that Schwarzenegger’s marketing and PR team is at another level. Living proof of this is his recent Instagram post where he promoted his book in an unusually funny manner. His son, Joseph Baena, reacted to the post. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marketing gimmick


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With a whopping net worth of $450 Million, Arnold is the biggest name in bodybuilding. Despite his retirement decades ago, he still managed to live in the hearts of millions of people. He stayed relevant even after so many years. His various ventures helped him stay in the spotlight. Now Schwarzenegger is promoting his upcoming book by featuring in various interviews, podcasts, etc. He is also using his social media presence to attract and influence his fans to get their hands on his latest book.


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His recent Instagram post saw some AI-generated pictures of him. The post was supposed to portray pictures of him as a high school student/teenager. Schwarzenegger wrote in the caption of the post, “This would have been me if I didn’t have my seven tools for life. Pre-order Be Useful now at the link in my bio.” Coming across this interesting post, his son Joseph Baena expressed his reaction to the post by using several laughing emojis.

But do you know that once Arnold himself gave in to a marketing gimmick that was started by none other than his role model Reg Park? 

Jay Vincent reveals how Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reg Park gave birth to a gimmick 


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Popular fitness YouTuber Jay Vincent often talks about the myths in the fitness and bodybuilding sphere. In his recent video, he revealed that the concept of multiple sets for an exercise was started by Reg Park. He further revealed that Park wrote a book called ‘The Secret Multiple Set Training System,’ which was practiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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“Arnold Schwarzenegger became the 1st famous bodybuilder of our time, and naturally people follow him. What he did, which came from Reg Park’s Little Marketing Gimmick, The Secret Multiple Set Training System,” Vincent elaborated. 


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In all fairness, the multiple-set training system appeared to be working for Schwarzenegger. After all, he won the SANDOW trophy seven times in his career. As Schwarzenegger is about to release a new book, we wish him good luck.

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