“Jaw Was Locking Up, the Vomits, It Was Bad Nosebleeds”: Welsh Strongman Opens Up on His Near-Fatal Experience in the Middle of a Show

In the arena of bodybuilding, athletes face a lot of hurdles even if they are at their highest potential. Often, powerlifters and bodybuilders do not pay attention to minor setbacks and physical ailments and strive through in the gym. However, not all small health problems are minor, even if they might seem like it.

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Strongman Gavin Bilton had a similar experience in 2021 where he overstrained his body, leading to a dangerous situation. With his imposing height of 6’6” and 452lbs, he faced a severe health crisis which made him go to the ER.

Gavin Bilton recalls horrific incident


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The huge and heavily tattooed strongman came to Straight Outta the Lair podcast and shared his strongman secrets. An Instagram short from the podcast revealed the story of a horrific medical incident. He recalled a dangerous incident where he needed to be hospitalized. The Welsh strongman talked about how he was the heaviest in 2021. The man who thinks that everything happens for a reason, recollected the story, “I believe I’ll be the world’s strongest man so it was directed towards that so it was meant to happen. I think it’s the pressure of the shows as well.”

The excessive caffeine intake by the former rugby player was the reason for a dangerous heart attack. He explained, “I’ve done so many shows I think I was like twelve or thirteen shows I just dropped boom on the floor. I felt pains in my chest just get up off the floor and I thought I was on the ceiling and everything was just spinning around. The jaw was locking up, the vomiting it was bad nosebleeds.” His doctors later told him that he was having a heart attack due to the fatigue coupled with all the caffeine.

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He was forced to take a break, but the strongman believes he would not change a thing about the incident. Bilton revealed in the podcast that he was happy with his past. The record holder for the Welsh record of 937lb) for the deadlift also had another scare in the past.

Gavin Bilton suffered a similar episode in the past

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While he was in Galsgow for a show, Bilton experienced excruciating pain in his hand which he believed to be a pectoral muscle pain. However later on his friend noticed that there was something seriously wrong and with his friend’s help, the strongman was rushed to the hospital. At 32, he found himself in the ICU and the medical staff was surprised. The strongman had to spend 5 days in the ICU. This took a toll on his career and mental health.


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However, the optimistic powerlifter continues to believe that there should be a reason behind him being healthy again. Do you think Bilton will achieve his goal of becoming the strongest man in the world? Tell us in the comments. 

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