“It’s Not True”: Exercise Scientist Lambasts Dr. Oz’s for Guaranteeing Unrealistic Fitness Results to People

In the bodybuilding realm, desirable fitness results don’t come effortlessly. One has to go through various uncomfortable changes to make the fitness dream come true. But the real problem is that people lack patience and look for something that can bring quick results without implementing an exercise routine. 

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Trusting the short-cut tricks often leads to dissatisfaction and health dangers. There are people who pose as fitness experts without genuine achievements or backgrounds. It’s widely accepted that effective fat-burning requires a balanced diet and vigorous workouts. Without these, achieving fitness goals is unlikely. To debunk the unrealistic fitness claims, an exercise scientist exposed Dr. Oz’s false nutrition advice for weight loss and criticized his fact-checking abilities.

Fantastical weight loss lesson raised exercise scientist’s eyebrows 


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 In a recent update, he posted a video on his official YouTube channel called Renaissance Periodization. In his video, he called out Dr OZ for spreading fake weight loss tips. Making a mockery of the doctor and referring him to someone who can read faces, he said, There are people on the internet that claim to be able to read facial expressions and analyze whether or not people are lying consciously”.

Using the harsh words for the doctor, he further added, “I sure hope they get their ey lasers on these cuz I can’t tell I’m autistic as they all sound like they’re trying to me but uh godamn that can’t be what he understands to be true do you know why because it’s not true.”

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Critizing Dr Oz’s false calculations of weight loss with an incredibly confident face, he went on to say, “can you focus in on Dr O’s face he looks so interested and so compelling and I will say his hair is just fabulous listen again as I continually insist on this channel.” Comparing himself to be 5 of straightforward men, he further said, “I may be in the conversation for the top 10 no five straightest men of all time but a little salt and pepper older man with authority a doctor oh my God i’ be on my knees quick on my knees.”


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Dr Oz, who is famed as a successful professor and physician, has been challenged before as well. This might be not the first time bitter questions are raised about his fitness knowledge and tips. Mark Wahlberg has challenged Dr Oz’s advice for good fitness.

Celebrity from the acting fraternity also left Dr. Oz in a problematic situation

People with deep fitness knowledge often prefer to stick to their old approaches to maintain their health and, because of this, they sometimes find other advice not worthy of attention. Mark Wahlberg is one of them who reflected the same persona. Recently, he refused to change his fitness diet and routine dismissing Oz’s wellness tips. It seems that the actor wants his fitness routine the way he wants it to be, and he is so determined that he can’t think of changing it. In one of his interviews, the actor said, “Mark stated, “I don’t care what Dr. Oz says. I’ve got to have my breakfast before I work out, that’s my preference.


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Exercise Scientist slams Dr. Oz for misguiding weight loss enthusiasts and comes up with his logical explanation about the weight loss process. What’s your take? Let’s know below.

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