“It’s Not Meant Forever”: Despite Bagging $3,000,000, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Feels Miles Away in His Battle Against an Incurable Disease

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Patrick Schwarzenegger stayed with his mother, Maria Shriver. While Arnold Schwarzenegger donated medical equipment to hospitals, his mother continued her quest to fight an incurable disease. Inspired by his parents, Patrick Schwarzenegger decided to make the most of the lockdown and help his mother in her crusade against brain disease (Alzheimer’s).

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Soon, the 30-year-old’s mother’s quest also became his quest. After learning about his mother’s efforts and the money required to continue funding research and spreading awareness, Schwarzenegger proposed an idea. Patrick Schwarzenegger told his mother to create a product through which they could raise brain health and Alzheimer’s awareness. The mother-son duo put the idea into practice and found success. However, Schwarzenegger feels there is a long way to go in their fight against Alzheimer’s.

Patrick Schwarzenegger on the perils of expansion


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After discussing the idea, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver founded Mosh. Mosh is a protein bar that contains selected ingredients proven to boost brain health. The low-sugar, high-protein Mosh Bar aims to be a healthier yet delectable alternative to various protein bars packed with sugar or artificial ingredients.

In the beginning, the company began selling its bars online; however, after the COVID restrictions were lifted, shops and departmental stores started functioning at full capacity. So the company has no other choice but to expand. “We’ve done over $10 million revenue in such a short period of time, but we are just scratching the surface,” Schwarzenegger said in an interview.

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The actor feels there is a lot of potential to grow in the retail space. Recently, Mosh secured $3,000,000 in investment, but the Gen V actor feels he is miles away from his goal. However, he is optimistic. “It’s a $3 million round, so it’s not meant for forever, but it’s for this next stage of our career,” Patrick Schwarzenegger told the Los Angeles Business Journal.

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The 30-year-old actor wished to develop “multiple different product lines that speak to brain health.” While The Terminal List actor could always ask Arnold Schwarzenegger for help, his father has taught him to be self-sufficient.


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Outgrowing the shadow of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a titan in three fields. The Austrian Oak conquered bodybuilding, Hollywood, and politics. While Patrick Schwarzenegger could ask his $450 million father for help, he refuses to do so. He also didn’t use his father’s connections to climb higher in Hollywood. That’s because the 76-year-old has encouraged his children to create their own legacy.

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While the bodybuilding icon is always open to giving them advice, he refuses to help his children take the easy way out. Hence, Patrick Schwarzenegger aims to build Mosh into a larger brand through strategy rather than charity. However, only time will tell how far the noble initiative will go.

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