“It’s Furthest From Truth”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Confesses the Only Label That Triggers Him Despite Agreeing to Be Called Anything

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had an illustrious career and never backed down from any challenge. He has been the 7-time Mr Olympia and also a movie star as well as a political governor of California. He always had positive thoughts about his goals and achieved them with hard work. Arnie even wrote the tools to be successful in life in his new book ‘Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life.’

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Recently, the bodybuilding icon appeared on BBC radio to talk about his book, and when people asked about his success and how he is so powerful in all facets of life. He replied with a profound thought that can resonate with anyone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows how humble he is 


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The video showed Arnie talking about his achievements and how other people had a great contribution to his success. The Austrian Oak said, “People call me anything they want but don’t call me a self-made man because it’s the farthest from the truth.” He credited his friends, family, and coaches for what he achieved in his life.

The bodybuilding legend with 450 million worth said, “I am a creation of a lot of help,” and he also added about his movie career and narrated, “If the theatres were empty I wouldn’t have any success.” The governor never shies away from giving credit where it is due, and he explained that everyone, from the inspiration of Reg Park to his wife Maria Shriver, helped him achieve his goals. He said, “So the people made me that star that I became they made me able.”

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Arnie previously also shared about his gratefulness for the women he has in his life. He thanked every woman he had encountered in his lifetime who helped him become a better man.

Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks the women in his life


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The women in his life Maria Shriver and Heather Milligan, received an amazing gratefulness from the Austrian Oak. He met the Kennedy Princess at a charity tennis tournament in 1977 and after 8 years of dating; they tied the knot. They also had four children, which gave them an amazing upbringing. Even after getting a divorce, they kept a cordial relationship with each other.

In “A FINAL THANK-YOU” note at the end of his self-help book, “Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life,” He said, “I’ve also been lucky to have the love of amazing women in my life.” He wrote about his ex-wife and said, “For decades, Maria stood by my side for every decision and, to this day, is such a fantastic mother to our children.


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Arnie also gave a shoutout and expressed his gratitude to Heather Milligan, who he has been dating since 2011 and it has been a decade since. He said, “For the last ten years, Heather has been my partner and confidante, there with me through ups and downs, adding to our menagerie of animals every year.” What do you think about his gratitude towards others? Tell us in the comments below.

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