“It’s Fuc**ng Nothing Like Cu**ing Man”: 6x Mr. Olympia Who Started Bodybuilding in Prison, Rubbished Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Controversial Statement (2019)

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s bodybuilding legacy is unparalleled. The Austrian Oak brought glory to the Mr. Olympia stage by posing his ripped physique in the 1970s. With a vision to make the sport popular among the masses, the 76-year-old featured in the Pumping Iron. The 1977 docudrama captured the days leading to Arnie’s 1975 Mr. Olympia win.

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The film enlightened the masses about professional bodybuilding and the lifestyle of bodybuilders. Apart from Schwarzenegger’s ripped physique, his controversial statements are also fresh in fans’ minds. However, the 6x Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates, once rubbished Schwarzenegger’s claims in the docudrama.

Dorian Yates disapproves of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s claims in the 1977 docudrama


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When Pumping Iron was released, movie lovers were hypnotized by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ripped physique. But not all scenes in the film were real, as some were included to ignite people’s imaginations. So, when Arnie said the popular yet controversial dialogue, “It’s as satisfying to me as cum**ng,” in relation to lifting weights, many were flabbergasted.

But the English bodybuilding icon Dorian Yates disapproves of Arnie’s claims in the film. The Shadow is known for his physique, which resembles granite-like hardness. The English athlete started his bodybuilding journey in prison and followed the HIT method involving heavy weights. So, reflecting on his bodybuilding experience, Yates opined that the training rituals weren’t ecstatic. The 61-year-old appeared on the Valuetainment channel in 2019 and commented on Arnie’s controversial statement on the show.

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I don’t know; there’s some of that there, obviously. But some of that was for the movie, for the drama, for the camera,” Yates opined about the Pumping Iron documentary. “It’s about saying, like, when you get a pump, it’s like cu**ing; it’s nothing fuc**ng like cu**ing man,” The Shadow declared. The English bodybuilding icon added, “When I’m under that squat bar, it’s horrible; it’s fuc**ng torture; there’s nothing like cu**ing.” However, Yates credits Schwarzenegger for the growth of the sport.

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The Shadow credits The Austrian Oak for the growth of bodybuilding


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s focus was not limited to trophies as an athlete. His vision was to make bodybuilding a popular sport. So, he used the media to reach out to the masses as a champion bodybuilder. The Pumping Iron documentary is a testimony to it. Despite the differences with Schwarzenegger, The Shadow also agrees with this fact.

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In the same interview, Yates confessed, “Without Arnold, probably wouldn’t be the bodybuilding that there is now. So, some aspects of Arnold maybe I don’t like, but that is a fact. Arnold has promoted bodybuilding more than any other individual.


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Both Dorian Yates and Arnold Schwarzenegger contributed to the sport in their own ways. While the 1970s legend introduced the sport to the masses, the 1990s champion spearheaded the Mass Monster era. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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