“It’s Almost Like Shocking”: Ms. Fitness Olympia Runner-Up Confesses the Painful Reality of Sport Targeting Female Bodybuilders

Female bodybuilders continue to face difficulties in the realm of bodybuilding, a sport often stereotyped as male-dominated. Despite the challenges, a few remarkable women are shattering these myths and heading ahead toward equal opportunities. One such bodybuilder is Jaclyn Baker. She was one of the top three of the Ms. Fitness Olympia 2022. She recently shed light on the double standards of society.

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Furthermore, she also clinched a top-three in the Arnold Classic this year. Baker, in her earlier appearance at the Generation Iron podcast, revealed some harsh reality and expressed her feelings on the discrimination they face. To increase opportunities, bakers and others are altering the mainstream’s perception of bodybuilding, similar to male bodybuilders.

Jaclyn Baker shed light on discrimination in bodybuilding


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Nonetheless, this is not the first time a female bodybuilder had to go through these harsh realities. Many others have also shared their opinions on this sensitive matter. However, in the snippet of the YouTube podcast video, when asked a question about people judging women and how they look with muscles, especially just openly putting out comments?


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In response to that, Ms. fitness runner-up replied, “It’s not that I don’t care because things are hurtful. It’s almost like, shocking when you get a comment like that.”You’re kind of like what?” She further added that these kinds of comments really stunned her. She exemplifies with an example that if she posted some pictures. But instead of discussing those reasons, someone responded to that by comparing the picture to a stereotypical American bodybuilder and saying there were no similarities.

What do other female bodybuilders have to say about this?

In addition, Baker said that we should stop making these comparisons. When you’re on social media, you should expect both positive and negative comments. Moreover, she said. “If it’s really inappropriate, I’ll report or delete or something, but I don’t waste my time or my brain space going in and looking at their blocking them.” She said those negative comments do affect her. But she won’t spend her time and energy to go lookout for them and blocking them. Sometimes ago another female bodybuilder opined on the same and said that she faced a lot of discrimination herself. Female bodybuilders are not respected as much as male bodybuilders.

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Moreover, there are a lot of female bodybuilders who have spoken about inequality as well, a story of the tallest female bodybuilder, Maria Wattel. who holds a Guinness Book of World Records in 2021. Regardless of having been honored with the Guinness Book, she faced discrimination from the industry. She spoke and made her stand against this issue. She often posts on her social media account about such kinds of events. It’s tough to digest the reality that women still fighting for recognition in the sport. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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