It Wasn’t Jay Cutler’s Left Bicep Injury That Triggered His Retirement, but Instead, Another Setback He Incurred During His Comeback That Forced Him To Retire

Jay Cutler, with his several contributions and accolades in the realm of bodybuilding, has etched his name as one of the greatest bodybuilders in history. The 4X Mr. Olympia champion has been in the limelight, competing with some of the best athletes in the sport, from Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, and of course, not to forget, his greatest rival, Ronnie Coleman

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However, despite the fact that the fitness community was rooting for Jay Cutler to have a longer span in the professional realm, he decided to retire in 2013, focusing on expanding his supplement company. While a lot of his fans contemplated that his left bicep injury was the reason behind his retirement, Jay Cutler revealed what truly made him get off the stage. 

Jay Cutler unravels the mystery of his retirement 


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Jay Cutler, in one of his recent videos posted on the YouTube channel of The Cutler Cast, where he was seen with his assistant Matt Daniels and the IFBB Pro coach, Milos Sarcev, finally revealed what actually got him to retire from the sport. Well, it definitely was not the injury in his left bicep, but an incident that occurred after that.

Jay Cutler said, “This one didn’t affect anything really because it was surgically repaired. It was the upper bicep. It really never was aesthetically attached.” And although he had surgery six months later, and started training for his guest appearance, it caused a lot of hindrance in his training.

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It was after that, that he actually felt defeated, and his mindset was stuck on him not being able to recover at all. He said, “In bodybuilding, you have to have the confidence, and once you lose the confidence, which I felt because of that whole thing.” And well, that really was the end of an era.

Where is Cutler now?

Jay Cutler has not completed for 11 years now and he has completely turned around his focus on his company, Cutler Nutrition. To add to his career, he also gets involved in a lot of promotions and does several other business ventures on his social media and there is no doubt that his life post-retirement has been as successful as his life during his professional tenure.


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He even teamed up with one of his partners Pat LaFreida and made one of his biggest dreams come true. They have now embarked on a joint venture called CUTS: Monthly Subscription Boxes of Fresh Protein. It is a company that puts meat at the doorstep of the subscriber’s doorstep. And well, it seems to be as hit as Cutler Nutrition. What do you think about the journey of Jay Cutler? Let us know in the comments section below!

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