“It Was Literally Just As*ES”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls a Bizarre Experience With Artists Jamie Wyeth and Andy Warhol in 1970s New York

Seven times, Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger made sure to leave a lasting legacy as he retired from the sport of bodybuilding after winning his seventh Olympia title in 1980. Since then, a new arc has started in the life of ‘The Austrian Oak’ as he continued to live his childhood dream of becoming a Hollywood sensation. 

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Making a name for himself in the realm of Hollywood ensured that he became a household name. However, even before stepping into showbiz, he gained immense success and a reputation in the realm of bodybuilding. Being a bodybuilding sensation, he became friends with many reputed actors, sportsmen, artists, etc. During his recent interview with Ryan Holiday, Schwarzenegger disclosed an incident that he got into when he visited Jamie Wyeth and Andy Warhol. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains the backstory behind Andy Warhol’s famous “landscape” 


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Back in the day, Schwarzenegger had a really attractive body that many people admired. He had lots of fans and even motivated people to try bodybuilding. He told Ryan Holiday that famous artist Jamie Wyeth wanted to paint his picture while he was posing. And, while he was with Jamie, the famous artist and movie director Andy Warhol was there too. Schwarzenegger mentioned that one day, Andy brought in some good-looking guys and asked them to undress and stack on top of each other.

Next, he asked Arnold to look into the camera and say what he saw. Arnold then described what he saw by saying, “What it was was, the way he lit it was, he then called it “landscapes,” and it was literally just a**es, but it was so tight…and you didn’t see the feet, or the legs, or anything, it was just hills. And he called it “landscapes.”

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Schwarzenegger continued further by disclosing a favor that Andy did for Arnold during his marriage. 

Arnold opens up further on his bond with Andy Warhol


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Schwarzenegger thought the artist was super talented. They became best buds and even hung out together. Their friendship was so great that Andy painted Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife, Maria Shriver when they got married.

Recalling the incident, Schwarzenegger said, “We became very good friends and he even painted my wife. I remember I called him one day and I said, “Look I’m getting married in the spring.” This was 1986 and I said I’m getting married in April, I said…”Can you do me a favor and do a painting of Maria?” Schwarzenegger continued by revealing that Andy made seven paintings of Maria. 


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The duo had a good friendship. Even though Andy Warhol left us back in 1987, his work continues to stay in the hearts of countless individuals. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.

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