It Takes the Cobwebs Right Out of Your Brain!” 97 YO First Lady of Fitness Shares Four Simple Mantras to Live Long

Elaine LaLanne is among the most renowned entities in the fitness world. The 97-year-old woman has lived a healthy life with a positive mind. The fitness lady has always been devoted to her exercise and healthy eating regimen. She has never compromised her health with any excuse and now is regarded as a source of inspiration for the younger generation. 

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She still looks charming and young at this great age. Moreover, she helps people with her fitness tips not only for weight loss but also for a stress-free mind. Recently, she shared 4 amazing tips to stay young and healthy to live long.

Elaine LaLanne – a fitness icon


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LaLanne flaunts a fitness culture and lives healthy and happy in the US. Back in 1950, she started her fitness empire with the assistance of her husband. Her lifestyle was quite balanced and owing to this, her interest in writing books. She has written many books on wellness. Apart from this, started a show called “Jack LaLanne Show which continued for many years. Now people are interested in knowing her secret of a long life with good health.

She often says “Keep moving, keep those muscles moving, move your arms, move your legs, just keep that body moving and keep the brain moving. “It takes the cobwebs right out of your brain!” According to her, a person should be involved in physical activities as much as possible. Physical movement is necessary to keep the body in an active and disease-free state. 

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She shares her immense knowledge of every important part of good health. Recently. She has talked about 4 amazing healthy lifestyle tips. These tips are based on her personal experience. However, you must not forget to take the doctor’s advice before you follow any fitness solution from anyone.

Elaine LaLanne’s 4 incredible tips to stay healthy and young in the long run

Movement of the body is important. Out of Elaine LaLanne’s 4 anti-aging secrets, she emphasizes more on physical movement. She believes that “You just have to move. And if you don’t move, you’re immovable,” LaLanne, who is a fan of old sayings.”  With everyday movement, one can get various health benefits, such as maintaining body weight, good mental, boosting stamina, and so on. Elaine dedicates 20 minutes of her time to exercise and does push-ups to strengthen her arms and the entire body.


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Add fruits and vegetables to your routine. According to Insider, LaLanne eats berries and yogurt, which are sources of protein and fiber. She further revealed what she eats at lunch: she often eats tuna with a baked potato. However, Elaine doesn’t eat the same thing as she believes in “Variety is the spice of life.”

Always set a goal to keep the mind processing in a constructive way. As per Elaine, she likes to do work 24/7. “I’ve always had a project, and I think that’s what’s helped me live to be 97,” she said.

Be optimistic and make yourself surrounded by a positive environment. “If you are feeling negative, fight it,” she said. “Start thinking about something positive. Think about something wonderful in your life.”


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The fitness icon Elaine LaLanne has been following these above-mentioned tips for a long time and because of this routine, she has managed to live longer and is now very close to completing her 100 years of life. Which tip did you like the most? Let us know below.

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