“Is Protein Making You Fat?”: Bodybuilding GOAT Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes a Mind-Boggling Revelation Days After Exposing Supplement Companies False Promises

Ever since the saint of aesthetic physique, Arnold Schwarzenegger, entered the realm of bodybuilding, he has incessantly made fitness a regular lifestyle choice. The former governor of California and an action hero in Hollywood exemplifies his hard work through different ventures. This also includes the famous newsletter named ‘Arnold’s Pump Club’. The Austrian Oak started the venture earlier this year, and his village has already grown into a community of 431,000 like-minded individuals who agree to his knowledgeable research on various things.

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Recently, Arnold took up the topic of proteins in the diet and argued against what Dr. Tim Spector declared in the Diary of a CEO. The importance of protein has been under-scored continuously by various researchers. However, Arnold went one step ahead to prove that protein does not increase fat in the body as per the claims of Dr. Spector. This edition of ‘Arnold’s Pump Club’ newsletter is going to be an eye-opening journey for fitness enthusiasts. So let’s get ready to roll! 

Consuming protein reduces body fat according to Arnold 


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As always, the Terminator does not talk about a topic without giving scientific proof of the research regarding the subject. He decided to talk about an idea by Dr. Tim Spector, days after slamming supplement companies in his newsletter. He referred to various research studies to refute what Dr. Spector claimed in his show. Dr. Spector, a medical expert and founder of Zoe appeared in the Diary of a CEO. The pioneer in gathering information for COVID-19 symptoms raised a concern regarding protein intake.

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According to the doctor products like protein powder are not useful for the masses. He said that the human body is not capable of storing protein and converting it into sugar and fat. Therefore, excess protein intake can contribute to excess fat in the body. However, the Austrian Oak has a different opinion and puts this point across, with scientific research examples. He started his newsletter with the question, “Is protein making you fat?” According to the newsletter, Arnie suggested that protein does not increase the level of fat in the body. The 7 X Mr Olympia said, “One review of 32 studies found that low-carb and high-protein diets were effective for long-term fat loss and healthy body maintenance. Another review of 24 studies found that higher-protein diets were better than “standard protein” diets for body weight, fat mass, and lower triglycerides.”

 He also presented a review of nine different studies that found that higher protein diets benefited in weight loss as well as reduced diabetes.  Arnie was diplomatic while handling the supposed ‘misinformation’ given by Dr Spector, and said that he was always advocating for the right information so that people could make “healthier decisions and feel confident.” Schwarzenegger previously shared how he made a unique concoction of protein and alcohol to make the nutrient work faster.

Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to spice up his protein shake with alcohol


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During a Zoom interview with Insider, the Austrian Oak revealed that he liked mixing a little bit of alcohol with his protein shake. The bodybuilding legend drank the strange concoction and said, “I add a little bit of schnapps or tequila — tequila is also good.”

According to the 76-year-old, protein reached the bloodstream faster through this particular method. Even when Arnie was only a 15-year-old teenager pumping iron, he whipped up this same drink. He also added skim milk, yeast, and honey to make the drink. However, Arnie added, “It would taste like sh**.”


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This shows Schwarzenegger’s knack for experimenting with food and nutrition. However, he does not do it before doing research and consulting a doctor. The actor and bodybuilder has always managed to maintain his fitness with an amalgamation of nutrition and science. Moreover, he is back with a new self-help book named Be Useful:  Seven Tools for Life. Did you find his newsletter interesting? Tell us in the comments.

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