Inspired by Oprah Winfrey, 52-Year-Old Actress and Comedian Dreads the Most Common Fitness Advice

In the modern era, where everything occurs at a fast pace, people barely have the time to take care of their health and body, unless they are passionate about it. The most common problem that is the root cause of almost all the diseases in this era is obesity. Well, the story of the 52-year-old American comedian and actor is somewhere along the same line.

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Loni Love, the electrical engineer who switched to music engineering, and later earned huge fame as a stand-up comedian, has been suffering a lot lately. She recently shared an update regarding the same.

Loni Love was advised to lose weight


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Loni Love took to her official Instagram account @comiclonilove and shared a picture of herself while she was in the medical room, having a regular follow-up with her doctor. In the picture, she was seen sitting on the bed with wires attached to her chest and stomach.

She was all ready for the scan, and in the caption, she wrote,When was your last physical? Doc says my heart is good and then he says what he always says … lose more weight… laawwddd #healthiswealth”. Well, she clearly is not very happy about the advice, however, her realization is pretty evident in the hashtag. Well, Loni Love has been on her fitness journey ever since she underwent a major surgery in January, and as per the strict advice of her doctor, it is only by leading a healthy life and losing weight rapidly that she will get back up to better health.

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What surgery did Loni Love go through?

In the month of January, Loni Love, who often shares her health updates with her followers on Instagram, shared a video where she recorded herself as she sat on the hospital bed after her operation. She made it humorous and stated how bad her condition was as the OR team proceeded to have her gall bladder removed.

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After the operation was carried out successfully, she even advised her followers to keep in touch with their doctors and get their health checked up at regular intervals in order to avoid any sort of complications. What are your thoughts on the advice given to Loni Love? Share with us in the comments section below!

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