Inspired by Mike Mentzer’s Heavy-Duty Style, 6X Mr. Olympia Shared a Throwback “Blood and Guts” Workout

In the field of bodybuilding, it is crucial to go through the most robust sets of training regimes that would shed light on one’s hard work and the ultimate result one might get because of it. It takes years of thorough dedication and determination before one sees visible results. The 61-year-old English bodybuilder Dorian Yates is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, who ensured to undertake the toughest routines in their training for the top. And, recently Yates shared a throwback video of him working out on his Instagram account.

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The six-consecutive Mr. Olympia title holder never backed off when it came to intense workout sessions. Instead, he picked up more rugged standards when it came to the topic of the betterment of his career.

Dorian Yates recalls a glorious time in his career


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In his recent Instagram post, Yates shared some golden training-era snippets. Dorian Yates is seen to be doing dumbbell curling with much fascination, almost as much as Mike Mentzer imparted toward this niche. In the caption, Yates reveals that all along his career he has indulged in dumbbell exercises, which ranged from seating, standing, or even concentration curls. He wrote, “My form and emphasis on each aspect of the movement was impeccable.”

He continued to dictate, “In Blood & Guts, I was curling 65lb dumbbells to failure with some assistance at the end… so this was heavy stuff!” The dedication thus speculated in his actions despite the expectable discomfort truly points out why he has that long list of accomplishments.

Understanding the responsibility that has come upon him after his contribution to the industry implores him to share more knowledge that he has had first-hand experience with.


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Yates reveals the trick to constructing a magnificent body

The caption further went on to discuss the secret tip Yates dedicates to his virtual clients and followers. He informed everyone to put stress on their biceps. It would rotate the “wrist at the top” which in turn would level the little finger across one’s arm. He further mentioned, “This’ll help put extra emphasis on the muscle, and remember to squeeze your bicep at the top of the movement.

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Mastering the aesthetics of one’s biceps is very significant in both contests and the general requirements of the sport. His legacy of training would be passed on to the next generation through his inclination to provide guidance. By imparting his wisdom on the bicep curling exercises, he is continuing his thread of teaching.

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