In Charge of $200 Billion Fitness Industry, COO of Mr. Olympia Shares the Only Thing Detrimental to Success: “Great Destroyer of Good Ideas and Dreams”

Bodybuilding has seen a lot of legends, but what people don’t know is the legends only exist because of someone else’s courage. There are people who make efforts to build things larger than life. Before Mr. Olympia came into the picture there were other events in the scene. However, in 1965 Joe Weider and his brother started the Mr. O competition, afterward in just some time, it earned the respect of the most prestigious bodybuilding event.

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Now, Dan Solomon, who heads Olympia as Chief Olympia Officer (COO), has garnished this event with his incredible business mind, enhancing the event and ensuring its continuing success as the number one competition in the world of bodybuilding. Recently, in an appearance at an event organized by Gymcon, Solomon revealed a piece of spectacular life advice on how one should pursue their goals.

Dan Solomon’s wise yet powerful advice


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In a snippet shared on Solomon’s Instagram account, one could see the host ask the Solomon, “You have been around amazing, incredible businessmen. What’s the best advice? If you could boil it down into one thing what would it be?” The crowd went silent to hear the life lesson from one of the most successful people in the bodybuilding industry.


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Solomon replied with confidence, ‘Be fearless.’ fearless is everything, fear is the great destroyer of good ideas and dreams. Fear is the thing that kills momentum.” He illustrated further by asking to not let fear hold you back just because a few people may not approve of your choices and decisions. According to him, it is alright to make mistakes because that is the only to learn and grow. Sometimes those who criticize you may be right, but in the end, what really matters is your passion and self-belief.

He also mentioned he has seen many talented people with a clear vision of their future who have lost their way by giving in to fear. Solomon is not only the COO and President of this prestigious show, but he is also an author and editor, juggling many other responsibilities. Solomon, who was incredibly passionate about fitness and bodybuilding from a young age, had earlier talked about the moment that inspired him to become a part of the world of muscle building.


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Dan Solomon revealed a memory that he will never forget

In one of his interviews with Muscle and Fitness, he shared an incredible story from 1998. He attended the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest, which left a lasting impression on him. “The sights and sounds around the venue were galvanizing as the chiseled physiques competed that night.” This experience inspired him. Years later, the opportunity arose for him to be part of this desired arena. Without wasting a second, he immediately accepted the offer.

Since then, he took the responsibility of making it an immense global spectacle. His determination was incredible. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, he organized the event, despite the world being completely in lockdown. The motivational words he used to give advice to others come from lived experience, too. What’s your take on his fearless journey? Tell us in the comments below.


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