Impressed by Brother-in-Law’s Commitment to Shift Track From Bodybuilding, Chris Bumstead Has Only One Worry: “As Long as He Doesn’t Hurt Himself”

Chris Bumstead is one of the best bodybuilders of the current generation. When such an athlete talks about his retirement, it is bound to surprise many who follow bodybuilding. Especially when such a conversation comes about after his brother-in-law announced his retirement before the Mr. Olympia competition. His former coach Iain Valliere’s retirement left a great impression on Bumstead, and he supported his decision. However, Bumstead later clarified and assured his fans that he was not retiring soon.

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His revelation on retirement provided some relief to his supporters, who have been following his remarkable career for a long time. Despite the odds, the 28-year-old social media sensation once again collaborated with Iain Valliere, for an intense arms day workout session. During the workout, Bumstead revealed the concerns he has about his former coach.

Chris Bumstead’s worry about Iain Valliere 


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The Canadian bodybuilder shared the training session on his YouTube channel, following his usual path of showcasing his growth regularly through his social media. He eagerly wants to win this year’s Olympia, even though he’s been facing health issues. However, in between the session, Bumstead talked about how happy he was for Valliere and the fact that he took a break from professional bodybuilding. Despite this, Chris showed some concern for the former Canadian bodybuilder.

Towards the end of the video, Bumstead said that Valliere was “Meeting up with his like functional trainer and like like 30 minutes or something to pick him up,” He continued and said, “So, yeah, the fact that this guy’s getting into track and field 4 weeks post-retirement and retirement being F****ng Olympia prep is wild to me. But, interesting to see as long as he doesn’t hurt himself.

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At first, CBum was really surprised by Iain’s decision but then showed respect because it is courageous to withdraw your name from the prestigious title. Furthermore, a few days ago, the duo also teamed up for back-day exercises and he made sure to not talk about his relative’s retirement anymore.

Bumstead’s on Valliere’s retirement


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Bumstead stated, “So we’re not going to beat the dead horse.” He stated that they have talked about this topic several times and they have also made a podcast dedicated to his retirement. According to Bumstead, it was time to stop the conversation about this.

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Even though he does not talk about it now, CBum once wrote a sentimental post about Valliere’s retirement. He ha talked about how Valliere he taught him a lot and also helped him to become the best version of himself, not only personally but professionally as well. He also said that Valliere’s decision was inspiring and might guide him when his time comes to retire.


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Their bond is beyond any competition. Iain Valliere always paid more attention to Bumstead’s career instead of his own. What do you have to say about this incredible duo?

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