“I’m More Prone to Feeling Tender”: Sam Sulek Reasons Him Bulking Up Is Directly Proportional to His Joint Health

Sam Sulek is a bodybuilding sensation at only 21 years of age. He has been getting a lot of criticism for bulking up exponentially at such a young age, and people think that he uses PEDs to do so. Bodybuilders such as Greg Doucette have bashed him for using steroids, and even netizens often think that he might not be able to do bodybuilding for a long time if he continues like this.

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However, others appreciate his fitness regime and think that he is bringing back the old era of bodybuilding. Despite all the criticism from social media and even certain health scares like heart problems, the once-criticized bodybuilder now trains with legends in the industry. Recently Sulek revealed why he bulks up and why it was necessary for him. The young bodybuilder, who has been praised by Lee Priest and Chris Bumstead, shares how bodybuilding helps him.

Sam Sulek  has an important reason to not leave bodybuilding


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In a recent short YouTube video from aegfitness8047, Sulek shared why he loves bulking up, even if people criticize him. He generally does not let people’s opinions affect him and goes on to advocate for his training methods and thought process.

On a similar note, the rising social media bodybuilding star talked about his bulking-up process, and how his joints remain healthy because of it. Sulek shared, “So when I’m fully bulked, my joints love it. It is almost impossible for me to get tender knees. Unless I squat upwards, of five plates. And that same thing for my elbows on pushdowns.”

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He also admitted that he realized how his joints behave when he is cutting down. The young bodybuilder said, “So when I am cutting down I can tell, I’m more prone to like feeling tender. I think that is kind of why I have been doing more slow and controlled sets as the openers rather than just trying to load up as much weight as possible. Just so it feels a little better on my connective tissue that is.”

Sam Sulek also proved his smartness and levelheaded decision-making, when it came to his training routine and life in general.

Sam Sulek is smarter than you think


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Joel Twinem, the fitness positivist, previously took to his official Instagram account @tnutrition_fitness and shared a video where older bodybuilders were trying to test the youngster. Twinem was impressed at how Sulek could keep his cool and answer every question in a respectful manner.

He said, “Sam Sulek is smarter than a lot of these guys on certain topics and he’s very humble about it which is kinda cool to see. He could have laughed at them very easily here.” Unlike what the netizens think about Sam and his fitness regimen, the 21-year-old bodybuilder is very calculated when it comes to his bodybuilding.

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Twinem added, “Sam has a good understanding of what it takes to lose fat and maintain his muscle mass. Where people who are living in the past don’t understand what causes muscle loss or at least not fully and within context.” This remark by the fitness positivist made many fans realize how intelligent Sam Sulek was.


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Do you agree with the same? Do you also think that bulking up helps your joints? Tell us in the comments below.

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