“I’m a Huge Pu*sy”: Despite a Wholesome Diet and Peak Conditioning, Scared Chris Bumstead Has Always Avoided Certain Foods

When it comes to peak physical condition, few can rival the physique of bodybuilder Chris Bumstead. A beacon of bodybuilding and fitness, Bumstead is known for his grueling workouts, meticulously planned nutrition, and, of course, his well-documented exploits in the bodybuilding realm. Yet, despite his chiseled exterior, there’s one thing that sends shivers down his spine: spicy food.

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In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Bumstead let his fans in on a surprising aspect of his life. The video starts with Bumstead humorously discovering he’d put his pre-workout powder in the wrong bottle. While discussing his plans to train at Eugene’s headquarters and have a “grand old time,” Bumstead reveals that his friend Kevin took the Packy hot chip challenge, featuring a ghost reaper pepper burger. Bumstead’s reacted saying, “I’m a huge pu*sy, and I don’t like spicy.”

The Man and His Unexpected Aversion


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Bumstead, who works out hard and watches what he eats closely, it’s surprising that he can’t handle spicy food. Even as he takes part in a session of intensive training, amping up with some pink rose pre-workout powder. Bumstead avoids the spice like a plague.

While many would assume that spicy foods would fit naturally into a diet designed for someone continually seeking to push the envelope. Bumstead proves that even the most daring among us has their limitations. As any nutritionist would confirm, capsaicin—the chemical compound that gives peppers their kick—has its share of health benefits. Yet, despite these advantages, Bumstead remains steadfast in his aversion to it.

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The revelation sparks an interesting dialogue about the need for individualized diets that cater to personal preferences and limitations. He can handle strong workout drinks that would scare most people, but he’s afraid of even a little hot sauce. Bumstead’s funny admission shows that even the toughest athletes have their odd habits. This mix of being strong yet having a weakness makes Bumstead’s story really interesting.

Chris Bumstead: Relatable, Endearing, Human


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Bumstead’s candid revelation will undoubtedly endear him further to his large following. While it’s easy to perceive such a dedicated athlete as superhuman, his aversion to spicy food paints him as refreshingly relatable. After all, who hasn’t encountered a food item that we’ve irrationally avoided?

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While he’s great at bodybuilding, even the thought of spicy food can easily trouble Chris Bumstead. As much as Bumstead’s video showcased his preparatory rituals and training endeavors, it also exposed a touchingly human aspect of him that many wouldn’t expect.


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Chris Bumstead stands out not just for his impressive physique but also for his relatable aversion to spicy foods. Even the mightiest have their quirks, reminding us that beneath the muscle, there’s a universally human side to every champion.

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