“I’ll Be on That Olympia Stage”: Living on Crutches, Goat Ronnie Coleman Makes a Big Announcement Weeks Ahead of Mr. Olympia 2023

The bodybuilding community buzzed with excitement after a recent video was posted on Hany Rambod’s YouTube channel. The video, aptly titled “RONNIE COLEMAN COMPETING?!”, showcased the legendary bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman, working out with the guidance of a renowned bodybuilding coach, Hany Rambod.

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Transitioning from their workout, Coleman expressed immense admiration for the gym equipment, declaring it the best equipment. However, in between their conversation, Coleman dropped an announcement that left the entire bodybuilding community in amazement.

Ronnie Coleman: Return to the Olympia stage?


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A potential hint of Ronnie Coleman’s return to the Mr. Olympia stage was what truly ignited excitement among fans. As the discussion steered towards Olympia, Rambod inquired, “So, Ronnie… getting on the Olympia stage you never know.” Coleman’s response was filled with promise: “Yeah, exactly. I’ll be on that Olympia stage. I might not be competing, but I’ll definitely be giving out a few trophies here and there.”

Rambod delved deeper, querying about Coleman’s current rigorous training regimen. Coleman highlighted that he’s training six days a week. However, the primary motivation behind this routine isn’t competition, but sheer passion. Training, for Coleman, has spanned across 48 years, resonating more than a hobby than a chore.

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His sentiments are not only an inspiration but also a testimony to dedicated athletes worldwide: “As long as you’ve got passion for something, you never work a day in your life.” With Ronnie Coleman’s undying passion for bodybuilding evident, fans are left in suspense, eager for his next move on the Olympia stage. Speaking of passion, Ronnie’s personal pursuits in the realm of fitness don’t stop at training.

Personal gym plans


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During the conversation, the topic of Coleman’s personal gym surfaced. Coleman shared his ambitious plans of adding the praised curl machine to his gym, which he’s setting up at his residence. This forthcoming gym, as Coleman unveiled, would span an acre of land, serving as his very own private workout sanctuary.

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Rambod, always the gracious host, extended an invitation to Coleman. He offered him the liberty to train at his facility until Coleman’s dream gym became a reality. The camaraderie between the two was evident, adding a personal touch to the professionally edited video.


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Despite facing physical challenges and living on crutches, the indomitable spirit of Ronnie Coleman shines through. His recent announcement regarding the Olympia stage ahead of Mr. Olympia 2023 not only underscores his passion for bodybuilding, but also serves as an inspiration to many, proving that determination knows no bounds. What are your thoughts? He will return? Let us know in the comments!

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