IFBB Pro, Who Tore His Biceps Picking His Son Up Once, Earns Massive Plaudits From Former Bodybuilders: “One of the Best Bodybuilders in the World”

The world of bodybuilding is filled with thrilling and surprising events. Every bodybuilder dreams of winning the coveted Mr. Olympia title at least once in a lifetime. One IFBB pro bodybuilder besides having the pro card couldn’t perform in last year’s prestigious competition. Nathan De Asha won his Pro Card at the 2014 British Championships, and since then he has become a prominent figure in bodybuilding. With his immense talent and abilities, many hoped he would perform in the upcoming event.

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In the recent episode of Cutler Cast podcast, which was uploaded to his YouTube channel. The former 4 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler along with IFBB pro coach Milos Sarcev and Manager Matt, talked about the variety of topics on this podcast. However, while delving deep into the promising bodybuilders. They started talking about De Asha’s progress.

Nathan De Asha has the potential to win, says Manager Matt


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According to sports enthusiasts, they think that Nathan is one of the best bodybuilders and has the ability to win the Sandow trophy. Afterward, they said that He has the aesthetics and well-conditioned physique amongst bodybuilding.

Matt said, “That’s in Nathan is one of the best bodybuilders in the world.” In addition, he mentioned his previous year’s injuries, and it happened “You know and he went through a lot he tore his arm he tore his biceps picking his son up it wasn’t a gym exercise, and then the other time he was throwing football.” To which Cutler asked Matt if he was going to perform in the Olympia.

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Matt responded to this and said, “he told me he has a Visa he has a visa to come I hope he is he deserves to be there you know for years and years and years he’s been winning shows all over the world and he wasn’t able to get here but he said he’ll be there.” Matt was very confident about his participation in this year’s competition. According to Matt, Nathan got the visa, but there is also one bodybuilder from Iran who hasn’t received his visa or appointment yet. Serbian Bodybuilder, relentlessly sharing posts and addressing this matter.


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Milos Sarcev’s posts for his international student

IFBB pro coach Sarcev took to his Instagram and shared multiple posts about Behrouz Tabani’s visa issue. Milos wrote in the post’s caption, “still didn’t get his appointment with the US Embassy…and when he did –last year, they told him they’ll respond within 30 days.… Needless to say – 10 months later- he still didn’t get the response from his last year’s appointment.” He further added that the mere thought of what he must endure is enough to break one’s heart. He must cling to positivity and maintain belief.
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The political dispute between these two countries can be considered a reason for Tabani’s visa problems. Moreover, a few days ago, Sarcev, through his social media, started a campaign for him. Tabani’s participation in the final event is becoming increasingly uncertain with just a few weeks remaining.

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