IFBB Pro Celebrity Trainer With Over 30 Years of Experience Debunks Leg Press vs. Squats Debate Once and for All: “Seen Multiple Folks Hurt Their Lower Back”

The world of fitness and bodybuilding is a vast ocean of diverse opinions, techniques, and strategies. Recently, a fascinating perspective emerged from IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Marc Lobliner, causing ripples in the fitness community.

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Lobliner, in a recent Instagram video, expressed his views on the controversial debate: leg press versus squats. Drawing from his three decades of experience in the training realm, he explains what could be genuinely “safer” and better for building muscles and maintaining long-term health.

Marc Lobliner: The primal argument


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In the Instagram post, Lobliner’s argument starts with a thought-provoking observation, challenging conventional fitness wisdom. “People assume that leg press and leg extensions are ‘safer’ and better for longevity,” he notes. But diving deeper into the mechanics and natural physiology, this widely held belief might not be the entire truth.

Quoting Lobliner. “While I am not in the free weights are the only way camp, as we get older focusing on free weight movements or more ‘primal’ movements should help keep you jacked and injury free.” But what exactly does Lobliner mean by “primal” movements? Is he referring to exercises that mimic our ancestors’ daily physical activities, or is there a deeper biomechanical significance?

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The bodybuilder mentions that a significant portion of the world, about 60%, doesn’t rely on modern plumbing. These people squat for their basic needs. “Squats are primal,” Lobliner points out that the body is naturally built for this kind of movement. In contrast, the leg press can put a lot of pressure on certain joints. This observation leads to a larger conversation about the topic.

The safety debate in fitness


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“Think about it, your body works in concert, so bracing for a squat from toes to shoulders absorbs all that weight whereas 500lbs on a leg press is putting all of that force on low back, hips and knees,” Lobliner explains. His assertion raises a pertinent question: Are machine-assisted exercises truly safer than free weights?

Furthermore, Lobliner’s personal observation is enlightening. He shares, “In my 30 years training I’ve seen multiple folks hurt their lower back on leg press and not one injury with a proper squat.” This anecdotal evidence underscores the importance of adhering to natural body movements.


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The leg press vs. squats debate, long-contested in fitness circles, finds clarity through the seasoned insights of an IFBB Pro trainer. However, with three decades of experience, he highlights the innate risks of leg presses, emphasizing the natural biomechanics and safety of squats, and urging fitness enthusiasts to reconsider conventional beliefs.

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