IFBB Coach Answers a Bizarre Question About PEDs: “Well Frankly, No One Should Be Taking Performance Enhancing Drugs”

Greg Doucette is a Canada-based IFBB pro bodybuilder who does not shy away from calling out the most famous bodybuilders. The coach not only advises budding bodybuilders but also criticizes those who use performance-enhancing drugs and lie about it. He has exposed famous social media personalities like the Liver King and Mike O’Hearn as well as Sam Sulek. He has been bodybuilding since he was 13 and has participated in more than 70 competitions. The bodybuilder debunks myths about bodybuilding and PEDs but also has question-and-answer sessions with his fans.

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In a recent Q&A, the world record holder became candid about using steroids and gave a bit of very important advice to a young rookie bodybuilder. Let’s see what we talked about.

Greg Doucette says no to steroids


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During his latest Q and A session, a young 19-year-old asked the coach when he could start using PEDs. Having started exercising at 16, but begun weightlifting about a year ago, the youngster questioned how long he should train before he could start taking PEDs.

Coach Greg was very calm and succinct with his answer and said, “And to me, that is a loaded question.” He repeated the question and gave a firm verdict, “‘When am I eligible’ Well frankly, no one should be taking performance-enhancing drugs. Nobody should do, it but in reality, some people are.” Doucette then advised him not to use steroids and narrated, “And so if you are asking me when would I recommend it well I simply don’t I don’t ever recommend it.”

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The IFBB pro coach also admitted the truth and said, “But I would be a hypocrite if I said that I didn’t use it myself.” Following on the same path, he further answered that since he also used PEDs, Doucette would give the young boy a recommendation. Doucette said that the best time to start performance-enhancing drugs was, “Once you reach your natural genetic limit.” He also advised the youngster that it was all about having fun and appreciating the progress that one was making in the gym. Finally, he said that it is all about the journey and not the destination. Doucette had reflected on his steroid usage previously as well.


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Greg Doucette was a PED user before becoming a natty

Doucette, had previously posted on Instagram about his journey with PEDs and uploaded pictures. Four comparison pictures reflected his 20-year-long career. It was also evident from the images that Doucette was more shredded when he used performance-enhancing drugs.

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He said, talking about the snap, “Came in at my all-time leanest and biggest, competing in the 212 class.” “Stopped abusing PEDs and lost about 8 lbs of muscle as it’s simply not worth the risk,” declared Doucette while speaking about his past. Since the world record-holding bodybuilder has experienced the consequences of using PEDs, he always tries to advocate against it. What do you think about his advice? Tell us in the comments below.

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