“If You Are in Dark Place I Want You to Watch This”: 287 Lbs Bodybuilding Beast Shares a Life-Changing Advice While Boldly Admitting He Is Not Natural

In a world that celebrates overnight success and prodigious talent, it’s refreshing to hear tales of those who’ve treaded the harder path to find their place. This bodybuilder turned fitness and bodybuilding influencer, consistently attempts to uplift people’s spirits with his upbeat videos. Fans enjoy his workout and diet suggestions, as well as his uplifting body acceptance videos.

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Noel Deyzel recently took to his Instagram account with a heartfelt video addressing his journey. The 287 lbs bodybuilding influencer shared a life-changing advice with his followers and he also gave a shocking revelation. As life is full of unexpected turns, and sometimes, facing our vulnerabilities head-on can be our greatest strength.

Noel Deyzel: Unmasking vulnerability


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The caption to Deyzel’s post reads, “Things can change. It’s just a matter of time. Thank you for supporting me on my journey and believing in me even back then when I didn’t. I appreciate you guys beyond words.” It’s a humble and grateful acknowledgment, reflecting Deyzel’s own transformational journey. Deyzel begins the video with a potent message: “If you’re in a dark place, I want you to watch this video.” These words are more than just a hook. They are a beacon, calling out to all those who’ve ever felt lost or questioned their worth in this vast and challenging world.

The bulk of the message is not about Deyzel’s achievements, but rather his vulnerabilities. “For a very large portion of my life, I was extremely unhappy,” he shares. In a society that often silences discussions on mental health, this raw admission sets the tone for the authenticity and depth of his narrative.

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But how did he find the light in this all-encompassing darkness? Deyzel sheds light on his transformation, attributing the turn to facing a significant personal fear: speaking in front of people. It’s easy to look at someone with his physique and presence and assume that confidence comes naturally. Yet, as Deyzel admits, “I am not a natural athlete… and I’ve never claimed to be one either.” Transitioning from his own challenges and self-realizations, Deyzel pivots to a broader message.

A message of hope and resilience to the bodybuilding community


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The crux of his message underscores the importance of perseverance, growth, and self-belief. For Deyzel, life began to take a positive turn when he chose to challenge himself, step outside his comfort zone, and remain consistent in his efforts, regardless of external voices or internal doubts.

This stalwart, weighing in at a mighty 287 lbs, wants his followers to know that everyone has their struggles. However, the key is to persist, to endure the jeers, and most importantly, to believe that things can change. “Life can change, and you can experience true happiness,” he encourages. “It’s just a matter of time.”


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In the realm of fitness and self-growth, Noel Deyzel’s candid confession offers a beacon of hope. His journey underscores that genuine transformation stems from embracing vulnerabilities and persisting through challenges. For those in a dark place, Deyzel’s testament is a reminder that brighter days lie ahead with time and tenacity.

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