“If He Was My Son… I Would Be Terrified”: After Comparing Controversial 21-Y.O. Bodybuilder to Michael Jordan and Brock Lesnar, Fitness Icon Deeply Worries for His Future

Athletes like WWE pro wrestler and former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and arguable basketball G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan are the elite of the elite. These veterans spent their entire careers reaching new heights of achievement. Getting compared with such a legend by an icon of online fitness at 21 years old requires talent. However, in the case of Sam Sulek, praise entails scrutiny.

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Around two weeks ago physical therapist and strength/conditioning coach Jeff Cavaliere made a video on Sam Sulek. Cavaliere, who runs Athlean-X on YouTube, is among the original and most respected fitness influencers. However, while he had high praise for 21-year-old bodybuilder Sam Seluk, he also raised serious concerns about the youth.

The fitness community believes Sam Seluk is not a natural


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In his video, the fitness icon compared Sam Sulek’s genetics and potential with that of Brock Lesnar and Michael Jordan. Cavaliere said he believes Sulek’s physique is “one of one,” just like the legendary athletes. “You can copy everything he did and never be Brock Lesnar and there’s a few others like that, Michael Jordan, LeBron James,” said Cavaliere.

He believes that Sulek can achieve such legendary status if he continues bodybuilding. However, longevity is also Jeff Cavaliere’s deepest concern about Sam Sulek. The 48-year-old said he believes the 21-year-old achieved his physique “with heavy assistance of drugs.” In fact, the majority of people on the internet believe Sulek is enhanced.

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Hence, Cavaliere is worried Sulek’s explosion in popularity coupled with his willingness to use steroids would have a bad impression on other youths. The 48-year-old even gave an example of someone’s son he works with following Sulek on social media. “If he was my son… I would be terrified,” said Cavaliere about both Sulek and the young boys he inspires regularly.

For the Athlean-X owner, what Sulek is doing puts him and others in danger. Jeff Cavaliere also isn’t the only one who thinks so. In fact, a fitness influencer who often disagrees with the physical therapist agreed with him on Sulek.

Greg Doucette has repeatedly warned Sam Sulek


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While Jeff Cavaliere refused to comment on or dissect the former diver’s diet and exercise routine, Greg Doucette didn’t shy away. The former Canadian National Champion and powerlifter has pointed out Sulek’s flaws multiple times. The former enhanced bodybuilder has scrutinized the 21-year-old, from his exercise methodology to his diet.

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In his videos, Greg Doucette also said he believes that the former diver is not natural. In fact, the Canadian bodybuilding icon believes Sulke is taking heavy doses of steroids. He has also pointed out the visible side effects such drugs have on Sulek, like an acne outbreak all over his upper body.


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What did you think of Jeff Cavaliere’s opinion of Sma Sulek? Do you believe the 21-year-old is an enhanced bodybuilder? Tell us in the comments. 

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