“I Would Rather Die”: IFBB Coach Recalls Unbearable Pain After Shoulder Surgery Changed His Approach to Medically Approved Drugs

To become a bodybuilder, being fit is not just about the body; it’s about the mind too. Bodybuilders can get hurt during tough training. Some quit because of injuries, but others, like Serbian bodybuilder Milos Sarcev, keep going despite the challenges. Sarcev faced a terrible injury in his prime but chose to push through it.

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Recently, the 59-year-old IFBB pro coach appeared on the Muscle and Fitness podcast along with Dennis James and Chris Cormier. This interview was uploaded to their YouTube channel. However, Sarcev came up with a bizarre revelation about his injury and the consequences he faced afterward.

Milos Sarcev’s bizarre revelation about his injury!


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In his earlier appearance, Sarcev recalled a time, “Did I tell you how I found out that, that was uh claustrophobic, uh 1994 Olympia prep.” He was brutally injured and hospitalized in Hawaii while preparing for Mr. Olympia. And during his MRI sessions, he realized that he was claustrophobic. Claustrophobia is the state where a person feels an absurd fear of narrow spaces.

The IFBB Pro further added, “I usually I could handle anesthesia right but that after shoulder uh surgery I remember when I woke up there was that feeling that you really would rather die than it than feel that way. I’m not kidding it.” He explained that the pain was unbearable. He thought that dying was much easier than suffering from this torture. He resorted to an anesthesia injection afterward and didn’t give up afterward. He performed at several events.

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Despite the odd situations, Milos decided to move ahead

Serbian pro marked his dominance with his beastly physique and well-conditioned body. He appeared in the Olympias, Grand Prixes, NOCs, and many other events. But there was a time when he faced a setback. In a throwback interview, he talked about how he managed to perform with injury because he signed a contract.

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The legend further shared, “In eight weeks I was supposed to compete and somebody from the office came. I remember and I was in a brace but I had to take it off and act like it’s okay.” In fact, he performed at the event and ended up in 10th place. In addition, he said that he did all of this because he didn’t want to lose the contract. Then mentioned that it was an extremely tough phase for him. What do you think of his sheer dedication to push hard to achieve something? Tell us in the comment section below.

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