“I Was Going Through a Divorce, I Lost My Dog”: Crippled by Personal Woes, Jay Cutler Opens Up on the Toughest Period of His Life During Retirement

Jay Cutler is one of the fittest bodybuilders among his contemporaries. After winning four Mr. Olympia titles, and defeating one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Ronnie Coleman, he did not stop. Even when he was nearing 50, he started a fitness challenge. But things have not always been smooth sailing for the bodybuilder.

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Recently, Cutler declared a very sad experience that he had to go through near the end of his career. Walking away from what one loves doing is never easy. What Cutler went through must have made the process even harder.

Jay Cutler opens up about a challenging time


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In a recent YouTube video of Cutler Cast, Jay Cutler can be seen alongside Matt Daniels and Milos Sarcev. Although the title of the video is ‘2023 Olympia Qualification is over’, the participants of the podcast deviated from the main concern of the episode. During their conversation, Cutler shared what life was like for him around the time he left the scene. He remarked, “When I did decide to kind of walk away, I was going through a divorce, you know. I lost my dog, which was devastating to me.”

Furthermore, he also focused on the fact that around the same time he had lost his contract with Muscle Tech, a five-year term. He claimed, “They offered me less money.”

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With Mr. Olympia right around the corner, several bodybuilders are speculating about who can be the perfect contender this season. Although Coleman and Cutler had an on-stage rivalry, they agreed on this matter.


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Coleman and Cutler choose the same contender for 2023 Mr. Olympia

When Cutler was asked about this year’s Mr. Olympia’s toughest participant, he instantly came up with a name – the Mr. Olympia winner for the 212 division, Derek Lunsford. Prior to this, even the 8-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman had commented on Derek in the same way. Cutler, however, stated, “I think Derek, because you know he was second last year, he came up from 212. It’s kind of like a surprise right he came in and he got the special invitation right to get there.”


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The sport of bodybuilding can be really competitive. Thus, despite having severe personal problems, bodybuilders from all eras still try their best to fight and maintain their sculpted bodies. After the sad revelation by Cutler, do you think you can recall any other bodybuilder who has gone through something similar? Let us know in the comments below.

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