“I Wanna Still Be in Shape No Matter What the Age Is”: At 50, Bodybuilding Legend Jay Cutler Is Still Fully Committed to Maintaining His 260 Lbs Physique

One of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Jay Cutler, never misses a chance to inspire the world with his dedication to fitness and sport. Without a clue where this might lead him in the future, started his training during his college time to get relief from the stress. Later, developed an interest in heavy weight lifting and began training for the bodybuilding competitions.

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Regardless of the struggles and the disapproval of his family, he continued to delve deep into his training regime. Winning didn’t come easy for the bodybuilding beast. There were times when he was so discouraged he wanted to leave the competition arena. Despite the obstacles, he continued and won four consecutive Mr. Olympia titles.

Jay Cutler’s determination to stay fit, setting a goal for many


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Cutler’s tales of these victories are impeccable, just like him. The world has seen the commitment he has to the sport even after his retirement; he maintained a physique like a competitor. He recently shared a video on his YouTube Channel, showcasing his routines, from morning to night. He titled the video, “early morning, late nights.

In his latest recording, he shared a glimpse of his determination. “I try to keep focused on what I’m doing because it’s so important for me to step away from my daily life and put my training in as a type of therapy. I mean, of course want to have a great physique. I want to still be in shape no matter what the age is. I don’t really push for weight records. As you see, I’m not pushing crazy weights it’s just the fact that I want to get to the gym you,” said the former Arnold Classic champ. Going to the gym and working out even for 30-40 minutes is essential for him.

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While talking about his fitness level, he took the community by storm with his dedication in his 50s. Last year he set a self challenge for himself called fit-for-fifty. He began training because he wasn’t happy with his shape back then. And inclined into heavy drills for a year and when he turned 50, the result astounded people worldwide. Well, not only does the workout and the diet help him, but there’s one more routine he follows to get the best results.

Cutler emphasized that sleeping is necessary for overall growth

During the challenge, he’s been extremely transparent about his workout regimes and the diet he followed. However, in one of his videos, he advocated regardless of training harder and eating well, people need to focus on their sleeping schedule too. The bodybuilding giant shared, “I just laid down at nine o’clock and I woke up early and, uh, I did take a nap during the day too.”


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He emphasized the importance of these sleeping habits, even for bodybuilders and athletes. “I mean, they always say naps as a bodybuilder or some are athletes like short even if it’s 20 minutes is very beneficial,” said the bodybuilding GOAT. In today’s time, everybody is trying different methods to recover after an intense workout session to relax their muscles. He had proven that age is just a number. Share your thoughts on Cutler’s dedication.

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