“I Still Get Dizzy Spells”: 56-YO Former Bodybuilder Opens Up on Battling Disease That Claimed a Million American Lives

Although bodybuilders are considered one of the strongest people on earth, the global pandemic was so intense that even bodybuilding beasts weren’t left unharmed. During those hard times, many got hit by the virus and it later shook their entire foundation. Remembering every detail of that horrific time, bodybuilders still discuss the effects of the disease.

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Chris Cormier, the retired IFBB Pro bodybuilder who acquired 12 professional trophies, besides his 6 runner-up titles at Arnold Classics joined Dennis James on his podcast and talked about his life and thoughts on other happenings within the domain of the sport.

COVID effected Chris Cormier badly


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In the latest episode of The Menace Podcast with Dennis James, posted by Muscle and Fitness on their YouTube channel, Cormier joined the podcast along with Milos Sarcev, Maxx Charles, and the host, Dennis James. The video featured a variety of topics that led to another set of discussions, and so on. In the same light, Sarcev remarked how Cormier had been one of the first among the guests to have caught the deadly disease, COVID. “You were the first one before me,” he said.

Furthermore, Milos continued to ask Chris Cormier whether “the hit” had been a particularly bad one. In reply, Cormier sadly stated, “I still get dizzy spells sometimes”. Then he goes on to explain that he had no taste, that he had gone through bad diarrhea, and his driving was hindered. The bodybuilder also recalled having bad headaches.

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As the video proceeded, the conversation moved towards Dennis James’s encounter with a bout of sickness which persisted for over a week.


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Dennis James’s prolonged sickness after Mr. Olympia

As the COVID stories continued, James went on to talk about his tryst with sickness. After the last Mr. Olympia, he came down with the flu and thought it was COVID. He agitatedly stated, “I was sick for 10 days man like I was mid fever Whole Nine Yards.” Then he goes on to add, “I was really dog sick, I gotta say, but it wasn’t COVID.” When he is further asked whether he got the second strand or the first strand, James denied it again, confirming that it wasn’t COVID.

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The fitness community got shaken up when every one of them was getting attacked by the deadly disease. The intensity of these attacks had rendered these massive men immobile at times, eventually cutting off their access to their beloved gyms. Do you think it was hard for the bodybuilders in the initial days with no gyms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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