“I Poured My Heart and Soul”: Reigning Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan Makes an Astonishing Confession 2.5 Weeks Ahead of Big Day

The reigning champion in the men’s open division, Hadi Choopan, has come a long way. Since his childhood. He dreamt of becoming a bodybuilder, and despite living in crisis, he never let go of his passion for bodybuilding. He used to mimic poses in front of his family. He started working early to provide his family with financial aid. However, while growing up, he managed to build a body like a bodybuilder. Before joining the Pro Creator, he only had two coaches, and for most of his career, trained himself and won several national titles.

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The Persian Wolf began training with Hany Rambod in 2017 and won the Mr. Olympia Amateur under his training. Because of the Visa problem, he couldn’t compete in any competition like Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia in 2018. He waited for his time, and in 2022, he won his first Olympia title. The entire bodybuilding world was stunned by his incredible performance. People are hoping to see something like that this year again.

Hadi Choopan showcasing his mindset before the prestigious event


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However, in the midst of preparation for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, the athletes have shown their growth and strong mentality. Choopan also shared the extraordinary he developed over a year. Recently, His coach uploaded a video of him they were having a conversation about the strategies for the upcoming event. While talking, Rambod asked the 36-year-old athlete, “What is your mindset into this year’s Mr. Olympia?

This is not a surprise that to remain a champion takes more effort than reaching for the first. Many legendary bodybuilders like Phil Heath and Jay Cutler have openly talked about this several times. The same applied to Choopan’s case as he also mentioned, “You know, becoming a champion is tough, but to actually repeat your victory, you have to work twice as hard.”

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This year I’ve been working day and night, paying more attention than I ever have. I poured my heart and soul into training and really focused on my mindset. I hope to secure the victory again and maintain my spot at the top,” Choopan added. He has been training harder than ever. The result of his hard work can be seen through his latest posts on social media.

He poses a strong threat to the contenders


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Further to his post, he declared that he’s completely ready for the upcoming contest. According to him, he will do his best to win the title again. Choopan said that he would try harder, regardless of any obstacle. His physique exemplifies the hardship of his intense training regimes.

He further added to his caption, “It is God’s grace and I am real and I don’t understand cheating. I don’t know what cheating is and I don’t need to cheat”. The Persian Wolf clarified that his physical appearance is not altered through any photo editing and that his well-conditioned physique results from dedicated effort. Who do you think would win the coveted title? Is the history going to repeat itself or we’ll see a new champion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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