“I Love You My Brother”: After Sharing Years of Heated Rivalry, Ronnie Coleman Hails Jay Cutler for His Contribution to Bodybuilding at 50

The 4-time Mr. O Jay Cutler is still fit in his 50s and has reached the top of his game in the bodybuilding world. Since then, he has been widely recognized for his quad-stomping performance on stage and the epic rivalry with 8-time Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman. Cutler managed to win the Olympia 4 times from 2006 to 2010 with his incredible conditioning and muscle mass. He also faced some dangerous rivals like Flex Wheeler, Dexter Jackson, and Kevin Levrone.

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His quads and rivalry with Coleman can never be forgotten, but his camaraderie with the same rival is even more precious. A recent post reminded everyone of the respect and admiration that Coleman and Cutler share for each other.

The King praises Jay Cutler


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Cutler, who is the brand ambassador of YoungLA, went to the brand’s Block Party and clicked some iconic pictures. Among them was a picture of his iconic quad stomp, where all his muscles looked prominent and bursting with power. The bodybuilder who was on his ‘Fit for 50’ challenge looked greater than ever.

He captioned the post saying, “Had a blast at the YoungLA Block Party last week. The number request all weekend long was to see my most iconic pose. So, I threw down the QUAD STOMP! 💪.” This party was organized by the clothing brand for all bodybuilders to have a meet and greet with their fans. Bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler, Coleman, and Jay Cutler met their fans and had a blast. 

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Cutler had showed off his prowess in the gym area of the huge arena and posted the same on his Instagram. Ronnie Coleman saw the Instagram post and commented on it saying, “Looking good Jay, keep up the good work my friend. I love you my brother and I truly appreciate all you have done for me and my family. All the best and God Bless you, bro.” The 8-time Olympia winner and father of 8 children gave his rival a hearty appreciation for their friendship. The fellow brand ambassador of YoungLA has always appreciated Cutler’s prowess. Coleman and Cutler recently even shared a snap at a restaurant.


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Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, and Phil Heath meet at Morton’s Steakhouse 

After the Bodybuilding Fite expo at Anaheim Conventional Centre, Coleman went to the Morton’s Steakhouse where he met Jay Cutler and Phil Heath. As soon as Cutler saw him, he called him “Big Ron!” and Coleman reached out to talk to him.

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Coleman also reminded Heath and Cutler that the three bodybuilding champs have 26 Olympias in their names if combined with Arnold Schwarzenegger. After the wholesome encounter, the three clicked a picture and posted it on Instagram. Coleman and Cutler not only have a strong rivalry on the Olympia stage but a deep respect and friendship with each other. Do you know of any other rivals/friends in the bodybuilding world? Comment your favorite rivalry in the section below.

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