“I Am Not a Complete Professional”: 21-YO College Student Who Is Now a Bodybuilding Freak Confesses a Secret About Himself

With the evolution of the sport of bodybuilding, age now has barely any significance in staying fit and crafting an aesthetic physique. Starting from legendary bodybuilders like Frank Zane, who still has the physique of a Greek God, to the 21 YO college student who has now become a fitness fanatic.

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Well, one thing that remains constant in the realm of the sport is the varied ways in an athlete’s journey and the regimes they follow to reach the top. Fitness influencer Sam Sulek recently revealed the secret that got him to become one of the most famous fitness icons of the youngsters of the current era .

Sam Sulek reveals his habits


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Sulek recently took to his official YouTube channel and shared a video, where he was seen talking about his schedule and his plans ahead. As the video gradually progressed, the 21-year-old revealed that just like any other teenager, he too is unable to maintain a proper sleep schedule.

He said, “I’m not a complete professional when it comes to maintaining a proper sleep schedule.” He continued to talk about how hectic his days were, with full-fledged classes going on and intense sessions of lifting. Yet, he would still be unable to sleep at night and that is why he prefers to get his workout done at eight in the morning.

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As the video goes ahead, Sam Sulek even talks about how he desires to have an even better physique than he has now, and is not just yet satisfied with what he has acquired. This is the reason, he seems to be balancing both worlds with an immense level of dedication.

The youngster talks about having a bigger body

Sam Sulek is regarded to have one of the bulkiest physiques at his age, despite all the backlashes that he managed to garner because of his unreal aesthetics. However, this is far from what he desires to have and he believes that he still has got a long way to go.


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In the video, Sam Sulek said, “I want a bigger chest, I want bigger shoulders, I want a bigger back. I just want everything to be freaking bigger.” He even says that because he desires to get bigger, he has no favorite exercise day. He loves doing all kinds of lifts and also maintains a balance in training all the body parts. What are your thoughts on Sam Sulek? Let us know in the comments section below!

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