“How Long Does the Union Want to Drag This Out”: Despite Staying Neutral, Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers His Two Cents on the Catastrophe Looming Over Hollywood

76-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in show business since the mid-seventies. While he stepped away from acting to focus on his political career in 2003, Arnie returned in 2011. As a veteran actor and Hollywood icon, Schwarzenegger still commands immense respect. Even Chris Hemsworth named him an inspiration. However, the veteran voice remained silent as actors and writers went on strike.

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During an interview, the 76-year-old bodybuilding legend finally broke his silence on the strike. So far, Arnie had maintained silence on the SAG-AFTRA strike that started on July 14. However, when the interviewer asked Arnie about his donation to the SAG-AFTRA foundation, the Terminator explained his take while staying mostly neutral.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hinted that the status quo must change


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The Austrian Oak was among the numerous actors who donated money to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. He joined big names like Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, and more in helping the actors union sustain their fight. When Arnie donated, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) joined SAG. However, while the WGA settled, the actors’ union is still on strike.

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Arnie said, “That’s giving something back, because what would I do without having had the acting profession?” while speaking about his donation. However, he also highlighted how many people are suffering due to work and income coming to a halt. “The question is, How long does the union want to drag this out, and how long does the studio want to do that?” Schwarzenegger said during the interview.

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The 76-year-old gave a grim forecast. “There are negotiating committees. We don’t know how much heart they have. These are expert negotiators, and they play their games,” he opined. The Hollywood icon hinted that the people unaffected by the strike might be waiting for either side to give in. Arnie also claimed the big shots have it all mapped out.

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Schwarzenegger believes that the people at the top are not the ones suffering


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The Governator said, “I can guarantee you the studios have figured that out.” The veteran actor believes the “financial geniuses” at the massive production studios know “how long they can play this game.” Arnie also claimed that the studios and their executives aren’t facing hardships despite the over-four-month-long strike.

Instead, it’s the writers and actors who work on various projects who are in the trenches. Schwarzenegger said some individuals have donated a million dollars each. However, even that might not be enough if the SAG and AMPTP don’t reach an agreement.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t say the catastrophic possibility he hinted at would happen. However, the longer the negotiations take, the harder it gets for those protesting on the streets.

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