“How Can You Lift With Your Guts Popping Out”: Despite Suffering From an Underlying Condition 54-Y.O. Bodybuilder Hitting Weights Shocks Internet

The drive for the pursuit of perfection and to reach the zenith of success is an immensely strong force and can overpower even the biggest of inconveniences. However, it is important to know when to take a break to heal. A 54-year-old bodybuilder, Darrin Hill, who started working out at the age of 45, is a standing testament to why it is important to slow down when your body needs rest.

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Darrin Hill had surgery for his herniated disc just a few days ago. Just 11 days after he came out of surgery, he was seen lifting weights and motivating people to push themselves beyond their limits.

Darrin Hills hits the gym despite suffering from a hernia


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Darrin Hills recently took to his official Instagram account and shared a video of himself in the gym, trying to flex his abs, and suddenly a hernia pops out in the middle of the video. He pushes it back and continues flexing. In the caption, he wrote, “Oct 12 I got this little sucker patched again. It’s so hard to not flex the abs, but I have still managed to grow across the board.”

He continues to say how difficult it is to continue suffering from his state and the inconvenience he faces on a regular basis; however, he also adds that no hurdle is big enough to stop him from lifting weights. He advises people to be strong and resilient and adds, “Go beyond what you think you are capable of. Don’t be stupid but find workarounds, they are always there.”

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However, the hastiness that he has to hit the gym despite suffering through so much, ranging from torn biceps and triceps to tennis elbow and rotator tears, is not something that should be promoted. The fact that he got back to lifting heavy weights just 11 days after the surgery for his herniated disc, not taking enough time to recover, left the fitness community worried about his well-being.

The fitness community shares concern for Darrin Hill

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The people from the bodybuilding community were left in utter shock to see him get back to lifting weights after coming back from such a serious surgery. One of them wrote, “Dang man, how can you lift with your guts popping out lol. You’re definitely a hard charger!” Another simply commented, “Hernia popping out.”


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One of the worried fans commented, “I’m thinking it didn’t heal because you were back in the gym in 11 days. Get it fixed… heal…. then carefully get back to work. (Just my opinion)”. Another, advising him to seek post-surgery professional help, wrote, “Looks like a hernia hope you get it fixed.” What do you think about Darrin Hill hitting the gym right after his surgery? Share with us in the comments section below!

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