“Hormones Are Changing”: Mike O Hearn’s Wife Nearing 50 Reveals Her Plan Against Aging

Legends from the bodybuilding fraternity never put their health in second place. With increasing age, their concern for health becomes worthy of attention. Nothing is wrong in becoming careful as health concerns can guide a person to adopt the dos of fitness while leaving the don’ts aside.

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Mike O’Hearn, 54, is among those who always give precedence to health and fitness. Following the husband’s steps to keep healthy, Mike’s wife, Mona Muresan, discloses her fitness plan. O’Hearn usually grabs the attention of his fans with informative workout sessions, but this time, his wife seems to tell the story of every woman coming close to her at 50.

Mike O’Hearn’s wife reveals her health plan as she is close to her 50s


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In a recent episode of Generation Iron and Barbend’s The Mike O’Hearn Show, hosts Mike O’Hearn and Mona Muresan welcomed a special guest, Lauralie Chapados, a renowned pro bikini competitor and Arnold Classic champion. 

According to O’Hearn’s wife, Mona Muresan, doing blood work is crucial in keeping track of health information. As she will soon enter 50, she seems more careful. This might be why she invited Lauralie so that the health matter could be discussed comprehensively. 

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Revealing her major plan to understand health, Muresan said, “I am doing blood work quite often um I just it’s my age too I’m closer to 50 now um and hormones are changing I had Titan obviously and uh you know I have a little bit of a hypothyroid issue since you know young age and I’m trying to keep myself really healthy that comes first so I do blood work very often.”

Mona asked about the significance of the blood work from her special guest. Here, she wants to know Chapados’ take on it. 


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Mike O’Hearn’s wife underscores blood work for a healthy life

She asked Lauralie Chapados: How often do you do blood work and do you take you take it seriously right do you do it before the show you do it once a year like what’s your take on that.” Responding to her question, Chapado said, So for blood work for me I try to have it about two to three weeks right after a show and then I would have one mid prep so let’s say at six weeks out.

According to Mona, there is no point in blood work if a person isn’t healthy from the inside or if something is wrong with the physical health. Usually, people wait to see the doctor until something happens. Mike’s wife is also cautious about her eating regimen to remain in good health. Recently, she unveiled Mike and her strict diet that includes meat and the nutrition required for the body for better functioning.


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Mike O’Hearn’s wife gives precedence to blood work to foster a healthy lifestyle. She and Mike had an interesting conversation with Lauralie Chapados. The three fitness enthusiasts shared their opinions about a health routine. Do you agree with Mona about a timely blood test? How often do you have it? Let us know below.

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