“Hope My Son-In-Law Chris Pratt Doesn’t Hear That”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Worries About His Candid Confession About Modern Hollywood Actors

While most acting enthusiasts dream of being in the movies at least once in their lives, seven times Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his all to make his dream come true. Making his debut in Hollywood in 1970, the same year when he won his first Olympia title, the bodybuilding legend established a legacy for himself in the realm of action movies.

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Schwarzenegger has been in the show business for decades now and deeply understands how it works. This is why he was asked about the evolution of Hollywood during a recent interview with the BBC. He stated that the time is changing, as it does every decade.

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains the difference between modern actors and actors from the 90s


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Upon his arrival in Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger became a sensation when it came to action movies. There was a time when there were only three names that ruled the entire genre. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Sylvester Stallone—these names carried so much power that the whole movie or franchise used to depend on them. However, it is the exact opposite now, according to Arnold.

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As the interviewer enquired “as to why the era of the big star who can open a film on their name alone is over,” Schwarzenegger replied jokingly, stating, “I hope my son-in-law Chris Pratt doesn’t hear that.” Agreeing with this, ‘The Austrian Oak’ stated, “You’re right though.” He added, “The stars that are being developed today are much more based on the name of the franchise. They become a big star because they did Batman, or they did Superman, Wonder Woman, rather than them carrying the movie.”

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It was not true back in the day, though. The actors were responsible for carrying the franchise, and not the other way around. However, to explain the reason, Schwarzenegger admitted, “Every 10, 20 years, everything changes in the entertainment industry.” He was responsible for the success of many movies, like The Terminator and the Conan franchise.


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While the actors of today depend more on the name of the franchise, there is no doubt that the evolution of Hollywood over the years has been nothing short of impressive. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.

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