“Holy Cr*p I Can’t Walk Right”: Bodybuilding Giant Jay Cutler Recalls the Severe After Effects of His Calf Muscle Tear, Despite Feeling Numb Initially

Jay Cutler is often regarded as having one of the most aesthetically fit physiques in the realm of bodybuilding. Having won the title of Mr. Olympia four times, and being placed as a runner-up six times, which is the highest in the entire history of the sport, there is no doubt that Cutler has managed to become a huge source of inspiration for millions of people.

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He uses his social media platforms to interact with the people in the fitness community and share the gathered knowledge and experience that he has acquired from his professional career. In a recent video, he revealed the severe effects he faced after having injured his calf muscles.

Jay Cutler talks about the significance of the calf muscles 


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The legendary bodybuilder, Jay Cutler, takes the initiative to take up significant questions asked on both his YouTube channel and the Instagram page of Cutler Cast and answers them with his manager Matt Daniels. He posted this month’s video on @CutlerCast and was seen talking about an injury he had in his calves.

Jay Cutler spoke about how negligible the muscle feels, but that one actually realizes its importance when it is hurt. He begins by saying how he often manages to hurt his calf muscles, but then starts talking about the incident when he seriously injured the muscle.

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He said, “It’s like you don’t realize how much your calf muscles work until you get an injury and realize that holy cr*p, I can’t walk right. plantaris must be torn in the gym and I was like ‘Oh it does nothing’ and I said, ‘Well it does nothing but I can’t walk without it.” In another video of his, Cutler also revealed a tip to protect one of the most injury-prone muscles in the body.


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Jay Cutler talks about protecting your shoulders 

Jay Cutler once shared a YouTube shorts video, where he talks about shoulders being the most sensitive part of the entire body since it has the highest chances of getting injured. He explains the importance of keeping them protected at all costs, otherwise, it might create problems while you make an attempt to train your arms and back.

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He unveils the secret of keeping them protected. Jay Cutler said, “I performed a lot of isolateral movements to get development, especially in the bodybuilding show. You have to have everything proportionate and symmetrical.” What do you think about his suggestions and tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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