“His Forearms Are as Big as His Thighs”: Although Impressed, Former Bodybuilder Writes Off Brazilian Competitor for His ‘Disproportionate Physique’

For bodybuilders, Mr. Olympia is a destination. Many start their bodybuilding journey only to win and claim the throne of Mr. Olympia, which is considered the most prestigious bodybuilding contest worldwide. Thus, although held in the USA, it creates a lot of excitement around the world as participants and audiences join the contest. Thus, bodybuilders try their best to keep a balanced body, which would yield them lots of points.

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Ramon Dino is a Brazilian bodybuilder. Only aged 28, he has been making his name in the bodybuilding spectrum. He ranked 2nd in the 2022 Mr. Olympia and has also won the 2022 Arnold Classic. However, the bodybuilding expert has a different opinion about him altogether.

Bob Chik’s opinion about Ramon Dino


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Ramon Rocha Queiroz, known as Ramon Dino, is days away from his 2023 Mr. Olympia appearance. In the latest video titled “OLYMPIA FINAL PREDICTIONS WITH BOB CHICK, FLEX WHEELER, SHAWN RAY, CHRIS CORMIER, AND TERRICK”, Bob Chick talked about Ramon Dino. Although he appreciated and accepted Dino’s capabilities, Chick did not hesitate to voice his concerns. He stated, “We get it, love Ramone. But he’s a little out of proportion.”

Moreover, Bob Chick also reported analyzing his physique and commenting on his massive forearms. Chick commented, “Those arms are just absolutely tremendous. But man, his forearms are as big as his thighs. Andit takes him off a little bit.”

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Ramon Dino was right next to Chris Bumstead in last year’s Mr. Olympia. Although their rivalry is quite apparent, Dino’s heartfelt gesture towards his enemy, Chris Bumstead, stuns the community.


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Ramon Dino’s comment about Chris Bumstead

In one of his videos, CBum collaborated with Ramon Dino. The video attested to the bond between the two and also highlighted the duo’s struggle to win Mr. Olympia. However, CBum’s arch nemesis, Dino, presented him with a Zeus shield pendant. His inclinations were for Chris Bumstead not to get hurt. Receiving the gift, Bumstead stated, “A gift from Dino so I don’t get injured”.


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Bodybuilding is all about sculpting the most magnificent body one can build. In order to reach that peak, they must have balance and symmetry in their physique. Do you think Ramon Dino’s present physique would be able to defeat CBum in 2023? Let us know your predictions in the comments below.

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