“He’s In a Major Calorie Deficit”: Calling Chris Bumstead’s Meals a “Starvation Diet”, Bodybuilding Coach Lays Bare The Risks Of Getting Shredded To Win His 5th Olympia Title

DouThe world of bodybuilding is looking forward to the upcoming Mr. Olympia 2023. As the spotlight narrows down to the event, fitness enthusiasts are looking forward to seeing who will take the Sandow trophy home. One such contender for the Classic Physique division at the flagship event is Canadian bodybuilder Chris Bumstead.

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As CBum continues his vigorous training for the event, a recent unveiling by an IFBB Pro coach Greg Doucette, has dived deep into the strenuous dieting journey of CBum. In a video titled “Chris Bumstead Is Struggling” on Doucette’s YouTube Channel, he discusses the implications of Bumstead’s diet as he edges closer to the Mr. Olympia championship.

Doucette bashes CBum’s diet


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At a phase when Bumstead is just a weeks away from the championship, Doucette reveals that he consumes just over 2,700 calories a day. This might seem like a sufficient amount to the average individual, but let’s put this into perspective.

Bumstead, with his colossal frame, holds approximately 250 lbs of muscle. Add to that, his daily cardio sessions and weightlifting drills. Doucette said, “He’s lifting weights every single day and so clearly he’s in a major calorie deficit, and the reason for that, well because he’s trying to get shredded”. Doing the math, it’s evident that Bumstead is not merely in a calorie deficit but a major one.

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Greg Doucette, drawing from his experiences, emphasizes the similarity between Bumstead’s current diet and his own past regimen. Doucette has always championed a low-fat, high-protein diet abundant in fruits and vegetables, ensuring weight loss while in a calorie deficit.

Chris Bumstead: The physical and mental toll


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But herein lies the bigger question: at what cost does this shredded physique come? Aiming to achieve sub 4% body fat to clinch his fifth Mr. Olympia title, Bumstead’s diet appears perilously close to what one might term a “starvation diet.”

For a man of his stature and daily physical activity, 2,700 calories seem almost scant. It’s essential to note that while the rewards of such dedication are evident in the trophies and accolades, the journey is fraught with challenges.


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In striving for his fifth Olympia title, Chris Bumstead’s diet underscores the extreme sacrifices elite bodybuilders make. While the pursuit of perfection is commendable, understanding its inherent risks is paramount for both aspiring athletes and fans alike.

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