Here’s How Jay Cutler Achieved an Unprecedented Feat That Changed Bodybuilders’ Contracts Forever

The realm of bodybuilding has witnessed many legendary figures whose muscular physiques and unparalleled talent brought more glory and fame to the sport. Among bodybuilding legends, Jay Cutler has made his name stand out high in the fitness world. He emerges as a notable figure who made history after winning the Olympia title 4 times. 

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Since his victory in Olympia, he has become popular worldwide. As a consequence of this,be it brand or fans, everyone looked up to him and wanted to associate with him. Nowadays, the fitness champ is also a viral sensation that millions love to listen to. Whether he’s talking about health & fitness or sharing his life moments. In a fresh development, Cutler took the audience down memory lane and seemed vocal about the deals he signed with people during his career. 

Jay Cutler Opens Up on his agreement with multiple brands and people 


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In a video published by the Muscles and Fitness YouTube channel, the bodybuilding icon, other 3 prominent bodybuilding figures – Dennis James, Milos Sarcev, and Chris Cormier joined Jay Cutler. All these legends had a pleasant and cheerful conversation. They exchanged opinions on many topics. Be it the prediction of the upcoming Olympia winner or Cutler’s growth boosted by the brand contracts he signed. Signing contracts with brands and people isn’t a new thing for celebrities these days, but wasn’t the same always. 

Beginning the conversation about Cutler’s past deals, Dennis James complimented the bodybuilder effort. He said, “you know what we have to say thank you to Jay because Jay is the one who made it possible for all of us athletes that were signed with weer.” James mentioned previous contract’s terms and conditions that wouldn’t allow him to work with anyone else. He further said, “Now have a publication deal and an extra supplement deal because remember before when you signed Bita you were signed to a deal where you can’t sign with anybody else.”  

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Cutler shed light on the dinner he had with Blackman and John Romano. How that dinner got him a wonderful deal to add benefits to his finances? Recalling the deal he got during the dinner, the bodybuilding icon said,I’ll tell you the story so I went to dinner with Blackman and John Romano after 01 um I was at the Nationals like a month later and we sat down they said how can we do something together where I said well why don’t I create a column in the book and you can pay me a monthly fee on it.” Cutler got a financial boost by reaching from 5 Grand to 12  Grand with the deals he signed.


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Jay Cutler’s Financial Growth With Contracts – From 5 Grand To 12 Grand

With that deal, the monthly column added 5 grand to Cutler’s bank account. This was a time when he had a desire to work with other magazines. Meanwhile, McGuff approached Culter, proposing the same work he was doing with Blackman and John Romano. McGuff asked Cutler to work with MD and he gave approval to the offer. From that contract, he would earn 12 grand a month, which was much higher than 5 grand.

In the turn of events, Jay Cutler spoke about the little vendetta he had against Flex because they excluded him. The conversation about the Cutler’s deals went on and on. And the fitness icon continued to climb the ladder of success step by step.


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Jay Cutler made it to the top after many people signed him. In a recent YouTube video, the bodybuilding icon opened up on multiple contracts he managed to get. All thanks to his exceptional victory. What do you think of it? Let us know below.

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