“Her Heart Rate Regularly Spiking Over 210”: Bodybuilding Coach Takes a Sigh of Relief After Avoiding a Severe Family Mishappening

Bodybuilding coach Marc Lobliner has achieved success in many fields. Besides becoming an IFBB Pro, the 42-year-old is the CEO of MTS Nutrition, a supplement company. Lobliner is also the chief marketing officer of TigerFitness. However, despite finding such success, the bodybuilder is most proud of being a caring and dutiful father and husband. The bodybuilder has three children with his wife, Katie Lobliner. Hence, the IFBB Pro was quite worried when his wife was diagnosed with a heart condition. 

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Lobliner revealed that his wife might have grown up with the issue remaining undetected. Doctors discovered Katie Lobliner’s heart condition recently. However, the 42-year-old shared some positive news with his fans earlier.

The bodybuilding veteran was happy to share the positive outcome


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Marc Lobliner shared an image of his wife relaxing on the couch earlier. Katie Lobliner looked cozy under a cover and smiled at the camera in the picture. “Today @katielobliner had a cardiac ablation to correct her SVT they think she’s had her entire life,” the bodybuilding coach wrote in the Instagram post’s caption. “The doctor was very pleased with how it went,” shared the relieved bodybuilder.

SVT is the abbreviation for the medical term supraventricular tachycardia. The heart condition causes patients to suffer from an erratic or irregularly fast heartbeat. This condition affects the heart’s upper chambers. Marc Lobliner wrote his wife was “getting worse, with her heart rate regularly spiking over 210.” However, after a successful cardiac ablation, things are looking up.

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“Excited for our new life without this issue!” wrote the 42-year-old veteran bodybuilder. Lobliner also thanked his followers and well-wishers for their prayers during his family’s time of need. Lobliner’s goal as an influencer is to promote health and wellness while warning others about detrimental health habits.


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Marc Lobliner’s warning for youngsters getting into fitness

While professional bodybuilders use PEDs to compete, the trend has trickled down to the casual gymgoer. The situation is so dire that many veterans like Mark Lobliner, Greg Doucette, Athlean-X, and many others believe young bodybuilding influencers like 21-year-old Sam Sulek are on steroids. The 21-year-old has droves of even younger followers.

Lobliner believes that, like Sulek, countless other fitness influencers are hopping on steroids without consideration for their long-term health. “You see these kids posting videos of them being on Tren… Taking risks that aren’t worth it,” said Lobliner in a past Instagram video.


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Marc Lobliner lived without knowledge of Katie Lobliner’s heart condition for years. However, the bodybuilding coach is happy that doctors could rescue his wife from her worsening condition.

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