“He’d Smoke Everybody”: Joe Rogan’s Wish Comes True as Brian Shaw Ignores Arm Wrestling to Enter Another Sporting Field

It is crucial for strongmen to have their strength tested and exhibited. However, when their fans recognize their potential and extensively discuss it being a great possibility of their upcoming future ventures, the individual must have had firm foundations in it. Brain Shaw is known for his unmatchable strength and capacity to strive for improvements to no end.

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Having held the title of The World’s Strongest Man four times, in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016, Shaw was also the first strongman to win Arnold’s Classic Strongman. Thus, after winning 27 international titles, the retired strongman announced a new career choice. A career choice that was already predicted by none other than Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan’s prediction about Brian Shaw


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In one of his interviews featuring Bryan Callen, Joe Rogan had foreseen something that is finally becoming a reality. Along with Callen, Rogan had been discussing the unimaginable strength Brian Shaw portrays. Around the same time Rogan started insinuating that with Shaw’s capabilities, he should try out Jiu Jutsu. He enquired, “Why don’t we get this guy to train jiu-jitsu? How old is he?”.

When Callen replied that Brain Shaw is only 40, Rogan did not hesitate for even a fraction of a second before he predicted, “He’d smoke everybody”. This was followed by Callen talking about Shaw’s expertise in arm wrestling. He commented, “He’s playing with the idea of arm wrestling.” He also added that the Arm wrestling great Levan Saginashvili had joked about how they didn’t need Brian Shaw in the sport.

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Days have passed, and Brian Shaw has dropped a surprise for his fans. In his latest YouTube video, he officially declared his retirement, followed by a clue as to what he will be seen doing next.


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Brian Shaw’s New Career

In the video, Shaw said that he knows his fans have seen him mastering arm wrestling, and feats of grip strength before. However, this time around, he is officially heading towards MMA. He stated, “I had no clue that I was going to be presented with an opportunity to get into MMA fighting, so, this kind of came out of the blue.” He also agreed that initially, he did not put much emphasis on the matter himself. However, this turn of events is changing his career altogether.


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The fitness world gives every individual the opportunity for numerous avenues into different career choices. When the athletes are passionate and determined about the changes in their careers, they can master anything and everything swiftly. Can you recall another strongman who turned to MMA? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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