“Having Goosebumps Right Now”: As Mr. Olympia Runners Up Desperately Chases the Title This Year, Bodybuilding World Is Awestruck by His Dedication

The bodybuilding world is excited for the Mr Olympia 2023 and it is just two weeks away. Every bodybuilder from Hadi Choopan and Derek Lunsford to Chris Bumstead is preparing rigorously for winning their titles. Among these top contenders is Derek Lunsford, and he has already made himself prominent in the circuit. Even Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman have agreed on the possibility of his winning this year. As the day of the competition grows near, everybody will upload their progress of training and so will Lunsford.

America’s Favorite Video Today

He recently uploaded an Instagram video of his workout and mental environment just before the competitions. Fans became more eager after watching the video and commented on the same.

Derek Lunsford wants the trophy bad


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In the Instagram video, the champion is seen working out until his last breath and energy. He even tells in the video that he wants the Sandow trophy and he has never wanted the trophy so much in his life.

Lunsford, who is also going to become a father very soon is going to get two precious gifts this year if he wins the Olympia. The bodybuilding champion captioned the ghost saying, “You gotta want it. 💯. 💥NEW YouTube video “3 WEEKS OUT – BICEPS & CALVES” is LIVE on my channel: (Link in bio).Derek Lunsford #DerekLunsford. @jontrevormedia 🎥” The whole video of his workout session is up on YouTube as he mentioned in the caption.

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As the veteran bodybuilder prepares for the Olympia he is more driven than ever because now he is going to have a little child looking up to him very soon. The fans became excited by his motivation and commented on his video.

Followers of bodybuilding show their appreciation for the bodybuilder

All of the fans were commenting on how great his conditioning was and gave him more motivation through their words. One fan talked about their emotions and said, “Having goosebumps right now 🔥.” Another fan agreed with his motivation and added, “As bad as you want to breathe 🙌.”


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One follower predicted the future and said, “I think you’re going to win, huh! 🔥🔥🔥.” A bodybuilding follower kept it short and commented, “Champ,” while another fan also predicted his winning and said, “This your year, Coming for the ⭕️.” Do you think he is going to win too? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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