“Have That Schnitzel or Beer”: Bodybuilding GOAT Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers Surprisingly Unhealthy Advice but There’s a Catch

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s life is an epitome of discipline. From waking early in the morning to maintaining a strenuous training routine, the 7x Mr. Olympia champion never compromised on working hard to achieve his goals. At 76, Arnie is spreading the fitness message worldwide with his newsletter. 

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Unlike the fitness fads that confuse the modern world, Arnold’s Pump Club offers simple health advice for holistic living. The Terminator icon recently stressed the importance of balance in diet patterns. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t condemn unhealthy practices


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The Austrian Oak pursued fitness for over five decades. He started lifting weights at 15 and continues to do so. The consistency of Schwarzenegger is impeccable and can be credited to the balance he maintains. He recently partied with his girlfriend and friends at the Oktoberfest in Germany. “I want you to know I did not turn down the schnitzel, the weisswurst, the kaiserschmarrn, or the beer,” he said in his newsletter.

The FUBAR actor suggested indulging in treats when partying with family and friends once in a while. “I want a healthy and fit life that you can sustain forever, and I don’t believe it is sustainable to cut the joy out of your life,” he detailed while stressing to eat healthy on most occasions. 

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So I want you to always remember to live. Have that schnitzel or beer when your friend is in town or you’re on vacation,” the Twins icon suggested, who never compromises the fun quotient in his life. It isn’t the first time Schwarzenegger endorsed treats in his newsletter. The bodybuilding icon even included his favorite sweet dish in his recipe book to encourage his village members to indulge in sweets once in a while.

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The Austrian Oak still cherishes mother’s sweet dish


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Arnie’s life is an open book to the world. From his unprivileged childhood to his highly successful career, fans aren’t unaware of his impeccable journey. However, a fan on X asked Schwarzenegger about his mother’s dish that “ever fixed” him. 

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So, recounting the good old days, the bodybuilding legend revealed it was “Kaiserschmarrn.” The Austrian dish resembles a sweet pancake prepared with rum-soaked raisins. The 76-year-old shared the recipe with his village and often confesses that he still indulges in it. 


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Arnold Schwarzenegger mastered the art of balancing when it comes to life. While working hard for his dreams, he never missed out on having fun in life. He preaches the same values to his village. Are you convinced with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approach towards life? Let us know in the comments below.

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