“Grabbed His Shirt… Just Clocked Him”: Despite His Calm and Peaceful Demeanor, Chris Bumstead Once Engaged in a Bar Fight For Good Reasons

Bodybuilders are known for their strength and visible muscle powers. To think that they can be outshined easily is surely a fool’s dream. It is, however, quite ironic when a non-violent bodybuilder had been drawn into a fight way before he entered professional bodybuilding. The four-times Mr. Olympia thus shares his story, explaining how things can take different turns than what people expect often.

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Chris Bumstead, popularly known as CBum is known for his gentlemanly and polite demeanor. However, he shares a story from his young adult era when he winded up amidst a bar brawl.

CBum reiterates the incident when a punch was swung at him


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In a recent interview with his coach Hany Rambod on his YouTube Channel, Chris Bumstead participated in a QnA session. When his coach asks him to share any violent experience he had been a part of while growing up, CBum didn’t hesitate to re-tell his rather unusual experience. He states, “Someone’s trying to fight me” and continues to add, “So they came to get me they come downstairs.”

After mentioning that the attacker had been rather shorter than Bumstead had been back then, the former’s sudden punch swing didn’t really help him much. He recalls, “I pushed him back like this, grabbed the shirt, pulled them, and then just clocked them once. And he just like dropped and I hit him one more time and he just hit the ground and that was it.”

The attestation that this was the only time CBum let his aggressive side come out proves his mild nature. He speaks about how he has never really been a harsh man.


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Chris Bumstead declares that never have the drive to fight

During their discussions, Chris Bumstead revealed that he felt he would easily injure and break his body parts if he tried MMA. When Hany Rambod asks him if he had any experience in it growing up, Bumstead retorts that he has done a bit of wrestling back when he was just 12 years old. However, he also adds, “You need to be like aggressive violent for that it’s very technical and like skill based but I usually you start by just fu***** fighting people and I never had the drive to do”.

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In the sport of bodybuilding, not every bodybuilder uses their muscle powers to dominate over the others. The misconceptions and stereotyping of society that bodybuilders are hostile are thus diminished by CBum. Although he has one of the finest specimens of physique he never portrays the angry young man’s ego that broods over others. Do you think Chris Bumstead’s personality is a rare one for a bodybuilder? Let us know in the comments below.

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