“Got to Feel Sorry for Him”: Fitness World Worries as Zac Efron’s Unbelievably Jacked Avatar for Iron Claw Brings Back Steroid Debate

The entertainment world is ever so bustling with the most aesthetic ripped physiques. Especially, the movies in the genre of sports and action do not compromise with actors’ bodies looking at anything below extremely athletic. However, much like the bodybuilding industry, when an actor manages to get a magnificent physique, controversial steroid usage comes into play quite instantly.

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Famously known for his roles in 17 Again, High School Musical, and Baywatch, Zac Efron has always been a fan favorite. His ripped and precisely sculpted body never ceases to amaze fans. However, as his new movie’s first looks are out, some are speculating a new controversy.

Zac Efron’s jacked body raises the steroid question


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In a recent video uploaded by @LukeSherran on his YouTube short, he discusses how the first trailer of his upcoming movie, “The Iron Claw” has presented a rather bulked-up Zac Efron that no one’s sure whether steroid is not hugely responsible or not. The video focuses on how Efron’s body transformation has completely changed him, making him look like a different person. The video reported, “Not only Zac is bigger than ever before, but the haircut and changes in his jawline make him appear like a different person”.

Efron is playing the role of the monstrous wrestler, Kevin von Erich. Directed by Sean Durkin, The Iron Claw is supposed to hit the theaters by the third week of December. With the rumors of Efron’s steroid intake, the fans are getting concerned heavily.

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When fans saw the first trailer of The Iron Claw, they were instantly anxious about how Efron had gotten so big when his last role had a completely different body transformation.


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Fans question his physique being steroid-induced

One of the fans said, “Definitely not natty! And regarding his face… Possibly could be HGH because his belly is definitely rounder and protruding. I’ve got to feel sorry for him though.” Another pointed out, “With every person thats even slightly jacked. Nobody ever says natural they always go straight for the negative option. It’s like dealing with a bunch of narcissistic people. U just can’t win…” Yet another fan commented, “Well its obvious. Hes looking big tho either way, movie looks sick.” Someone else pronounced, “juiced to get the role”. Last, but not least, another said, “Aaaaaall of the drugs. Stay natural, stay healthy, like me.”


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In both the realms of bodybuilding and entertainment, having the fittest body is the goal. However, in the process of going through that journey to reach their goals, individuals often take assistance in order to have a shortcut. However, what they don’t consider in the scenario is the long-term effect that their health is gonna take the blow. With the movie coming out soon, how well do you think Efron would be portraying Kevin von Erich? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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